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Dynamo 5 is Unique

 This comic has got to be the greatest comic I have ever read in years. It's like Batman Beyond (the mentoring part towards the next generation) meets Fantastic Four and Teen Titans (they're all blood related yet they are all different).  It starts out with action-pack fight against VEIL, then it goes into the origin story of how Captain Dynamo died and how Dynamo 5 was formed by injecting a truth serum into Visionary. I can't believe that Captain Dynamo (the Superman figure) cheated on his wife and impregnated 5 women (one more was found out in issues 5 through 7), but it was unique in its own way on entertainment. As for the team's like seeing the Real World version of Power Rangers with a much bigger attitude; Scrap the goth with dreams of being a film maker, Myriad the womanizer, Scatterbrain with his football attitude, Visionary the Asian-version of Peter Parker, and Slingshot wanting to be a lawyer. Also, Maddie Warner (the mentor of the group) is like the Lois Lane with Secret Agent personality and yet the children don't know about it...even when she kills Superior and his VEIL minion.
 To me it's a great comic, and I hope you find a copy in your local comic book stores.

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