Flash Gordon, Mandrake The Magician & The Phantom All At Dynamite

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It's been over forty years but Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician and the Phantom are back under the same publishing roof. Earlier this month we reported that Alex Ross and Dynamite Entertainment were bringing new life to the Phantom. The Last Phantom will ship in August with Scott Beatty scripting and Eduardo Ferigato handling the art. Dynamite has now increased their relationship with King Features by adding Mandrake and Flash Gordon to the mix.
The last time these characters were under the same publisher was 43 years ago. Over the years, different publishers have put out books with the characters but now Dynamite has brought them back 'together.'
What does Dynamite have planned for these characters?
 == TEASER ==

"Flash Gordon and Mandrake the Magician are two great additions to the iconic characters we currently publish: Green Hornet, The Phantom, Buck Rogers, Zorro, Project Superpowers, The Black Terror, Death Defying 'Devil, Masquarade, The Lone Ranger and all of the titles we are proud to publish," says Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci.  "We promise to devote the same passion to these King Features properties as we have done so consistently throughout our publishing history, beginning with The Last Phantom."

More information on Dynamite's plans as well as news about Flash Gordon and Mandrake the Magician comics as well as upscale collectible figurines, resin statues, bookends, snow globes, mini-busts, trading cards, lithographs and fine art will be coming soon.

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=) Flash ahhhh. I've already  been reading the Phantom at moonstone but this should be interesting.

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Defenders of the Earth!!!!

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 Only five words can descripe my excitment.
"Flash! ...AUAAA!! King of The Impossible...!"
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@ericthebolton said:
" Defenders of the Earth!!!! "
             Movie or comics?
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One word.... freaking awesome!!!!

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I think Superpowers should cross over with  Flash Gordon and Mandrake the Magician    

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I think Dynamite has quite a collection of old time characters now. They should have a big crossover event putting all of them together.

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this is going to be a very interesting company

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