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Dynamic Man first appeared in Dynamic Comics, and is still a hero/villain in the series.

Current Events

Golden Age

Golden-Age Dynamic Man

Dynamic Man is an android that was created by Dr. Moore to combat the evil Yellow Spot. The Yellow Spot, who possessed the ability to turn himself into a bat, went to Dr. Moore's laboratory to kill him. Before he died, Dr. Moore was able to flip the switch that gave life to Dynamic Man. Dynamic Man was successful in his mission to rid the world of the Yellow Spot forever. Later, he assumed the name of Bert McQuade and went to work as a high school coach.

Project Superpowers

Dynamic Man is one of the heroes who was not trapped in the Urn of Pandora. Along with Dynamic Boy and Dynamic Woman, he founded the giant Dynamic Forces corporation. They have great power and influence all over the world. Over the years, Dynamic Man was made keeper of many of the mystical relics from WWII, and believed he had them excised of all of their power. This included the Urn, which he knew contained his former allies. He was furious when Fighting Yank released the heroes, as he knew they would be a threat to his power. Publicly, he has the returning heroes branded as terrorists and insists they are fakes. Privately, he wages war against them while lobbying for a position within the secret organization known as the Supremacy.

Powers & Abilities

Dynamic Man had superhuman strength, flight, and was an experience hand-to-hand fighter/brawler.

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