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Dynaman was born as Legaro, hundreds of years ago in an ancient civilization near the African coast. His civilization was far more advanced then most and Legaro was in the possesion of great strength and aggility. Dynaman had a joyfull childhood and soon became one of his civilization's most beloved citizens. However, the civilization was destroyed after an enourmous storm. Dynaman was the last one left of his entire people. He left his home and started wondering the earth untill he eventually came to Egypt where he helped overthrow a dictater whom wanted to take control over Egypt. Dynaman defeated the dictator and lived with the Egyptians for many years. He was not heard from in a long time.


Dynaman was created by an unknown artist and writer and first appeared in Daring Mystery Comics #6


Mayor Story Arcs

Marvel Zombies

Nothing was heard from Dynaman until hundreds of years later when he was drafted byA.R.M.O.R. for his extreme strength and was placed into a fighting squad to help fight of a coming Nazi Zombie invasion. Dynaman accepted and became part of the "Ducky's Dozen" after witch they where send of into the other dimension through a dimensional travel plane. The team immediately came under heavy zombie fire (as in, the zombies fired themselves towards the plain). The team had a somewhat successful landing (although they lost a few team members on the way down already). However when all seemed clear, the Zombified Invaders attacked the team. Dynaman fought many of the advisory, killing many zombies and saving almost all of his teammates' lives. One of the last zombied that remained was a zombified Namor. Dynaman almost defeated him, until Namor called in the help of a giant Zombie Octopus, witch gutted Dynaman and swallowed him, almost certainly killing him. With his death, the team lost it's most vital team member. He however did sacrifice his live so that others could live.

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