Dylan Dog movie footage...kind of...

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All three Dylan Dog fans on comicvine (myself included) can rejoice!  There's footage of this thing finally online.  It's obviously from an Italian show so I'd be most appreciative of any help in translation from anyone skilled in Italian.  Dylan Dog is one of my favorite horror comics so it's nice to see a movie directly based on it.  I say that since there was a movie based on a novel from the Dylan Dog universe that was an incredible film on its own, Cemetery Man.  There wont be Groucho as Dog's sidekick likely from the same legal reasons that restrict the character in American reprints of the comics.  Even though the movie might end up being garbage I'm secretly hoping for some more American reprints of the series.   Six or seven issues just isn't enough!  
As for the footage itself Routh certainly looks the part, but his non-Britishness takes a little away from the character for me.  I'd like to see this thing take place in London for that unique feel of the comics.  I don't see why Rupret Everett couldn't have played Dylan Dog.  The character was based on Everett's image and he even starred in Cemetery Man because of that.  It's like if Simon Pegg gets to play Wee Hughie in The Boys movie.   
Anyhow here's the bit of footage we have to go on currently: 

    here's what I really hope the movie feels like: 

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