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Nemici per sempre  
Among the beasts of the London Zoo wanders a ferocity that goes far beyond that of animals. No cage seems to be able to retain his need for blood. To stop this being, Dylan will have to get in hunting, or become yet another prey! 

La fiaba nera 
Locked inside an oven, bound hand and foot, the Investigator of Nightmare must remember the beginning of a dark fairy tale that, ironically, seems also the beginning of this new misfortune that is likely to be the last as well. 

La sposa del diavolo 
Lost in the darkness from which she was so fascinated, young Kelly never returned home, finding someone in the bowels of the earth that she was waiting since a long time: a husband, whose power can give her everything she wants. 

Il buio nell’anima 

Among the worst nightmares faced by the tenant of Craven Road, a place of honor belongs to Philip Crane, aka Mana Cerace, the man of the dark. Already defeated in the past, but never really destroyed, the evil spirit has now returned to claim victims, recalled to life by those who dared to offend his name.

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