A Moment of Silence for Dwayne McDuffie

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Today should have been a day full of celebration and reflection- a day where comics creator Dwayne McDuffie could look at his past achievements in retrospect and feel proud of himself and of everything he has accomplished. Right now, Mr. McDuffie and those closest to him should be celebrating his most recent achievement, the completion and release of McDuffie's latest project, the DC Animated adaptation of All-Star Superman. Unfortunately, on the heels of the film's highly anticipated release comes the tragic news of McDuffie's passing. Earlier this morning news broke that comics creator Dwayne McDuffie recently passed. 

His time working in comics is a true testament to his incredible talent. Having started Milestone Comics (which was later absorbed by DC) and creating iconic characters such as Static, Icon and Xombi- McDuffie will always be remembered for bringing new characters to mainstream comics.  Some of McDuffie's recent works include many of DC's animated film adaptations- "All-Star Superman," the "Justice League Unlimited" animated series, as well as his run on Fantastic Four and the Justice League comic series. However, McDuffie's influence in the comics industry goes well beyond the characters he created. His struggle to bring awareness of minority characters to comics, and his fight against the stereotypes will never go overlooked. Comics creator Bryan Edward Hill said it best- McDuffie brought awareness of racial stereotypes to comics because he didn't write "black stories," he simply wrote stories.  

== TEASER ==

"I only met Dwayne briefly, but his work left an undeniable impression on me as a comic fan, a storyteller and a person of color. Frankly, there just aren't a lot of writing role models out there if you're an African-American and you love genre work. Dwayne's work meant so much to me, not because it saw genre through a cultural prism, but because it didn't. He didn't write "black" stories.  He just wrote stories. Some of them had black characters, many of them didn't. That taught me that I didn't have to work inside of a box. That it was okay to be a creator that wanted to tell universal stories. His work, his presence in the industry was a lighthouse for me and I'm sure many of my peers who love genre work. His death leaves a gap, and I don't think any one writer can fill it, but it certainly adds a layer of responsibility to the rest of us to respect, and promote his legacy."  -Bryan Edward Hill, "Broken Trinity"

"First time my name appeared in a comic was because of Dwayne McDuffie. I was the intern on a Damage Control comic and just to be a nice guy - and because he knew I'd get a kick out of it, he included my name in a fake movie credit sequence. I'd no idea if I'd ever get to work on-a comic as an editor, writer, or anything-- and just seeing it was so amazing to a geek like me. And he knew it. I'll never forget that. :)" 
Dan Slott, "Amazing Spider-Man" 

"Your work touched countless lives, Dwayne. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Ave atque vale." -Sterling Gates, "Supergirl"

"Suddenly, all the things that are stressing me seem very trivial. Dwayne McDuffie was a terrific writer and terrific guy and I'll miss him. I'm really heartsick about Dwayne. Such an unbelievably talented man, and a true guardian of the DC Universe. -Mark Waid, "Incorruptible," "Kingdom Come" 

"I only met Dwayne a few times, but it's a testament to his character that people who only knew him from afar understood he was a man of not only great integrity, but immense talent." -Phil Hester, "Wonder Woman"

"An entire generation of kids that know Green Lantern as a strong, heroic, African-American man."- Matt Fraction, "The Invincible Iron Man" 

Today should be a day of reflection and appreciation for one of the greatest names in comics, and one where we can look at all of the amazing influence that Dwayne McDuffie has had on this industry, Today, take a moment to read a comic by Mr. McDuffie or go out and buy your copy of All-Star Superman. Celebrate his life, work and legacy, and let him not be forgotten. 

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wow..........just wow
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Truly truly tragic & heart-breaking news.

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This is sad. Was he in poor health?

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He will truly be missed

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Absolutely terrible news.

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Don't have the words. . .

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He was always a great writer, and incredibly kind to his fans he always  answered comic questions over on his site in his forums. Incredibly sad news.

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RIP: Dwayne McDuffie



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R.I.P <3

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@Gambler said:
" This is sad. Was he in poor health? "
The reason for his passing is still not known.
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what a shame.
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We will never forget you
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@xerox-kitty said:
" Truly truly tragic & heart-breaking news. "
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I always wanted to meet this guy, always thought his work was interesting.

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His work on various animated projects such as JLU and Crisis on 2 Earths and his JLA run combined with him creating the Milestone universe make him one of my favourite modern comic book writers. RIP Dwayne Mcduffie

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Bummer, I hope we hear more on the cause of death.
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I saw him speak at Comic-Con once, and he was a really interesting speaker, for sure.

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R.I.P. He really was inspirational. It's actually my Birthday today so what bad luck.  

  1. Losing a great person that brought us shows like Justice League.
  2. Almost setting myself on fire with the cake candles. 
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It's just after 4pm EST as I type this.  I make mention of that because I work nights, therefore I sleep during the day. 
I wake up to this very sad news.  My deepest condolences go out to his family and those fortunate enough to call him "friend".
I admit that I haven't always been a fan of Mr. McDuffie.  It wasn't until I watched his episodes of Justice League Unlimited that I really began to understand the depth of character that he brought to his writing.  To me, he wasn't a black comic creator who wrote black comic characters to further any racial agenda...as some people in the world may believe...and, sadly, I've met some people who feel that way.  No.  To me, he was someone who let every character he touched have their own voice, regardless of who they were or where they came from.  Mr. McDuffie broke the rules of multicultural characters in comics and rebuilt a better and more equal world that we could all enjoy and learn from.  His words were never preachy and he certainly never tried to bulldoze his thoughts upon us.  He simply told his stories and helped us gain a better clarity of the real world around us.  At least, that's what he did for me. 
The world lost a valuable asset to humanity today. 
Mr. McDuffie, you are missed.

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really sad news, but a beutifully written eulogy, i hope members of his family get to read it and can see how well respected and loved in the comic world he was. RIP Dwayne Mcduffie    
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dang tragic news, I knew Dwayne through my store and we hung out a few times, such a great guy :(

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Well said Sara, a tribute to a man of much talent. 
A sad day for comic lovers.

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Thank you for helping to shape mines and many other's childhood with Static Shock. R.I.P Dwayne McDuffie

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R.I.P. Sir and thank you Sara @Babs: for bringing this to my attention.

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This is so tragic.  I am so sad now.
I have told this story a lot because I thought it was cool, I overheard him talking at a comic con to some one.  He talked about how the final fight between Darksied and Superman in the JLU cartoon was meant to have Darkseid just as beat up as Superman.  But because they forgot to send the character design of Darkseid beat up, and because there was no time, Darkseid ended up looking unharmed while Superman looked like he was really hurt.
It was a little behind the scenes story that I liked a lot.
Recently I was needing to find a comic script so I could add some practice pages to my portfolio, he is the only person I could find that posted any scripts. I was drawing pages based on one of his Spider-Man scripts.
His work was so great, makes me sad.
My prayers are with his family and friends.

He will be missed.

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Wow, this is terrible news.
I was a huge fan of McDuffie's work on the DCAU, and with his passing, DC loses a great mind and writer.
A sad day indeed.

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This sucks so bad.

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Aw, man. This stinks.
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What a horrible day Tuesday was.  
RIP Mr McDuffie. Condolences for those affected. 

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RIP, the tribute was beautifully written. The industry has truly lost a great talent. 

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He truly was an "Icon". Static, Blood Syndicate, Xombi, and all the animated work he's done over the past ten years that are truly marvels. He will be missed.

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His stuff is just superb, cnt believe hes no longer with us. 

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It's sad that we are losing all of the great artists, writers, and musicians and being left with Bieber and Snooki. I will miss Dwayne there are not a lot of African american comic writers and he was the best/ Loved all of his stories and movies. R.I.P.
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@iLLituracy said:
This is absolutely genius, not to mention ballsy. Obviously we lost one of the good guys today. 
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I really can't believe it. I'm in total shock. He was an amazing creator. He always had an eye for character development and he was intrigued by the concept of meta-fiction. Comics lost one of its brightest stars today. My favorite McDuffie moment will always be when the random construction worker suddenly had a superhero origin after coming into contact with a space rock in Damage Control #1. It was a moment that showed Dwayne's sense of humor as well as his insight into the world of superheroes. R.I.P. Dwayne...

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What did he die from?!  This is very unlikely as hell. 

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@iLLituracy said:
Wow, that's so awesome. Thanks for posting this.
His work  had an effect on me growing up.Static was one of my first comics.This sucks. R.I.P. Dwayne
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How did he die?

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Very sad news.
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Requiescat in Pace

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R.I.P, this really does suck.......

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RIP Dwayne McDuffie 
Dwayne worked on Ben 10 Ultimate Alien,Justice League Unlimited,Static Shock,Justice League,and many other amazing cartoons and comics. His Milestone and DC Comics combo run made him simply amazing in my humble opinion. You will be missed, Dwayne.
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@greenenvy:@Billy Batson: Surgical problems he died last night.
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I read about this before. I was totally shocked.

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