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A member of the New Canaanite regime, D'Von Kray's unit was attacked by Cable and his clan. Kray was left for dead, which allowed the Canaanites to revive Kray as a cyborg. He was given the charge to hunt Cable and kill him.


Created by Joe Casey and Stephen Platt in 1999.

Major Story Arcs

When D'Von Kray travels back in time to find Cable his memory is wiped. He goes on a rampage in Canada. Wolverine is called in and he takes Kray out. Department H then runs some tests and retrofits Kray with modern technology in hopes of adding him to Alpha Flight. Because of the tinkering, Kray gets his memory back and breaks out of Department H. He hunts Cable and attacks. Wolverine intervenes. Kray ends up killing a friend of Cable's, Franklin Rhodes, before Wolverine decapitates Kray.

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