LBCC 2010: Dustin Nguyen Interview

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Great interview! Dustin Nguyen is as nice as ever and as talented as he is humble. I'm beyond excited to have a double monthly dose of his work, especially in such different flavours as SoG and Batgirl.

I didn't expect to enjoy this new Batgirl, but Miller and Garbett managed to give Stephanie a special, distinctive place in the Bat family without overdoing it and reducing her to some kind of bubbly, anti-Cassandra blonde -- that, to me, was the greatest challenge they were facing.

Both visually and in the stories, they retained both her lighter side (which made her odd friendship with Cass so much fun) and her heavy personal history, without one overshadowing the other. And it's so gratifying to see her determination and eagerness to prove herself finally pay off.

Dustin Nguyen would have been my personal choice to replace Lee Garbett, so I couldn't be happier. But I also can't wait to see more of Garbett on Gotham City Sirens and The Return of Bruce Wayne #6.

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i am really looking forward to him being on batgirl. should be good.
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Pay no attention to the "Sora" behind Dustin! 
I kept moving so i wouldn't appear in the shot and yet I still appeared!
Great interview! I am tempted on getting a look into his version of Batgirl even though I dropped the book after the 2nd issue!

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@sora_thekey: No one escapes my camera.
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 Dustin Nguyen rocks! One of my favorite Bat-artists!
His artwork is so beautiful!
Nice interview ;)

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Dustin Nguyen is one of my favorite artists!!! I cannot wait for his work on Batgirl and to see his further work on Batman Streets of Gotham.

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