LBCC '09: Dustin Nguyen Interview!

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Comic Vine catches up with Dustin before the show!


It is always a pleasure for me to run into DC artist Dustin Nguyen because I have been following his career since I was in High School (which, granted, was not that long ago but still). As a fan, I have always been keen of his style because I felt it to be incredibly unique. His traditional use of watercolors are both enticing and striking, and I still wonder how he is able to maintain so much detail when his preferred medium (watercolors) is so difficult to control. Dustin takes us around and gives us a brief look at what the convention floor is like prior to its official opening.
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Another sweet interview with Dustin :) 
But now I'm picturing him in the Optimus Primus helmet...

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I can't wait for everyone to see the awesome template! :)

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nice interview
Optimus Prime helmet is pretty cool, better than Vader Helmet because Vader is falls apart too easily.

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Dustin's a pretty cool dood.  I also have to say that his watercolor work is immaculate!  Looking forward to this template you are talking about.

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I wonder what the template will look like, that's great!  I really like his art and I like him, he's a good "kid".  Very talented to say the least.
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He looks smitten

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i meet Dustin at the convention on saturday...hes a cool guy...he did a batman sketch for me and i purchased the batman poster that is shown in the beginning of this interview whit all the other characters for my son..and he gave me a bunch of free i said a cool guy and great artist..
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I love his art. I wish he would do more Superman stuff I would love to see him use more bright vibrant colors. But his Batman stuff is beautiful too. 

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The guy doesn't like Star Wars?  He was here in the early 80's?  IS HE KIDDING!?!?!?!?!?!  I don't like this guy.  The force is not with him
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What Star Wars art is he referring to?

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I like Dustin, and Babs is Beautiful!
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I understand Dustin is a company man sounding like he has a gag order on his contract but he's fooling himself if he thought Time/Warner's move to force Paul Levitz to step down is a good thing. 
One, Paul fought for artists to keep their royalties. Hmm...Royalties kind of like how the Kirby family went after Marvel/Disney and how Stan Lee sued Marvel in 2005. One of the things Levitz was instrumental, whenever a cartoon or a movie (say Dark Knight) borrowed or used a story line and/or image he made sure a little kick back when to the writer and artist. You can kiss that goodbye once an artist leaves a company or retires.
Two, Levitz's stand-in admitted not knowing anything about comic books (but to be fair she knows how to squeeze every dime out of a property see Harry Potter her previous gig). 
Three, I'm kind of worried that Dini who came from writing the amazing Heart of Hush went to writing Streets of Gotham, a title largely isolated outside of the Batman mythos. He has great writing range and should be given more projects.

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@Dr. Detfink: 
- i am not sure what a gag order is, but the post sounds more like a personal shot at my character rather than just an opinion on WB's move. 
You have your opinions and i have mine- and last i checked, my contract does not require me to make opinions based on anyone else's contract. Things do not work that way for artists in the comic industry and if you've ever visited mine or any other exclusive' artist's journal or blog, you'd educate yourself to see that. I do understand how you might get that idea, though, as the assumption is quite common to people who do not actually work in or understand how the industry operates.
again, i respect your opinions, but please dispense them without taking shots at anyones personal character online unless you know them directly.
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A gag order is often used in corporate contracts to make sure you can't testify against your employer or against the government, Dustin.  That's fancy talk for don't say anything negative.
No, it's not a personal attack calm down.  
Certainly you are entitled to your opinion as well as all the credit you deserve for your talent. I'm just of the opinion that Time Warner's reaction to Marvel being bought by Disney was premature. Also, if you don't believe my opinion has merit, let me ask you a question where was DC when legendary writer john ostrander needed a bail out by Gail Simone and his colleagues for an operation?  Last I checked, DC didn't have much of a pension or health insurance after you're done giving them what they want.  Pretty disturbing when you create all these characters and you need a fund raiser for $7,000 to save your eyes.
Sure, you're young and I say "Rumble young man, rumble.." when you are the hot talent but I always feel artists should take to heart the scene in The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. In one of the most sobering scenes, Rourke sits in a gym setting up a sign that says "$5 for polaroids" along with retired wrestlers.  Some of those wrestlers abandoned by the industry are in wheel chairs with foley leg bags. No one giving a shit about them. They are all hoping for a kid to recognize them and spend some coin. Enough money so they can buy themselves a meal. 
Maybe you didn't notice but at every comic con there is always one such artist or actor or writer sitting there under the same context.
In this age of comic books becoming more and more of a corporate mine field, I believe artists are fooling themselves if they don't think the step down of Levitz wasn't significant. It's not a rant but I just find it very interesting that no one in the industry has commented on the elephant in the room.
That is all. Respectfully, 
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@Dr. Detfink: awesome, opinions not directly pointed at me.
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Why do I find him adorable?

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