Anyone else love Dust?

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She is an awesome character! She's nice, kind, loyal, and she has a lot of character even if she isn't shown much. I really do wish they'd use her more. She's different she stands out from all her teammates. Her and X-23 have been my personal favorites:). X-23's got grit and spirit. Dust has heart, soul, and inner strength/beauty:). She proves you don't have to dress in tight outfits to be seen. True its because she's Islamic that she wears more conservative. But I still like her:), her religion just adds to her character for me:). 
Also... anyone else wish she and Jay could have dated before he died. Its a little sad nothing ever got to developed before he died.

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Since there's already a thread called Dust Rocks! then it's safe to say that this is a duplicate thread.

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