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Since her appearance in Static, Dusk is a complete mystery. Not even an origin story! However, there have been some hints to let the reader to be fully aware of some details to know more about here. Let me explain:
Static #19: (First appearance) When Static leaves Frieda's home after arguing about there friend (Rick Stone) being gay, Dusk is seen in the shadows (in an entire page, 5 panels). She could have been on patrol in Sadler (a neighborhood in Dakota) for any crime activity or spying on Static.
#21: She appears again, this time for two pages worth as she's beating up some muggers. Not much is revealed
#24: Tries to stop a heavy arms smuggling operation. She goes tough when she shoots the leader in the arm, only to get doubled crossed by his men who refused to save his live. Barely manages on her own until Static comes in to save the day. The two managed to defeat the crooks, but then she throws the evidence into the sea. After one minion fires warning shots, Static magnetizes him and also disposes the evidence into the sea, which impresses Dusk. Afterwords, she kisses him.
#25: The next encounter occurs when Static accidently falls into a tree and Dusk sudden appears, humoring him about his landing. She asks to ride with him, and they ride out to the Mason Building (owned by Edwin Alva). While trespassing private property, Dusk asks Static about how long he's been a superhero. It is revealed that she's been active for 3 months, and that she wanted to be a superhero...like her FAMILY. [THIS part is very critical because their is only ONE superhero family team - The TOWER FAMILY(Look up John Tower in My Name is Holocaust #3 and SS-Rebirth of the Cool#3&4)].
#26: Static sits at the old Dakota Pier while feeling sad that he cannot afford to enter Dakota's expensive new theme park - Utopia Park. Dusk appears to cheer him up, and persuades him to sneak into the park. (despite the warnings of security)
#27: Riot breaks out of control as EVERY HERO in Dakota tries to stop the chaos.
#28: After Static beats a Bang Baby named Ribbert Jones, Dusk congraduates him (kiss) for job well done (and for the advice she gave him about checking on back alleys). They both head for the ruins of Utopia Park where they play a friendly game of tag, and fooled around being injured. After the games, she's ready to leave for some police action (she invites Static). [Here it is revealed that she has sources about any police activity, which explains most of her appearances near crime. Also it's revealed that she kisses Static only for fun, despite him dating DAISY].
#29: Dusk is pissed/heartbroken that Static let one drug dealer (secretly his friend LARRY WADE) get away and thinks that he's been bribed. The next night Static keeps an eye on Larry and notices Dusk a rooftop away. Failing to get her to go away she declines, and springs into action by arresting Larry for the other night. Suddenly a car pulls by and a gunman opens fire on both her and Larry, however, a bullet was able to hit her near the waste (or it could have been Larry who shot, the picture is hard to determine) after having her shield out.
#30: Static holds a bloody Dusk (he thought she was dead) and releases his rage upon the gunman. Then Static leaves Dusk for a moment to chase his friend...only to find him shot dead by his fellow drug-dealers. Dusk appearently observes from rooftop to see Static's rage loose on the dealers. After the violence, Static returns to the spot where Dusk was at only to find her body gone and thought she left after seeing what a monster he became and decides to quit being Static. After Larry's funeral, Virgil visits his grave. Then DUSK appears [UNMASKED] and reconizes him unmasked as Static because for some reason SHE KNOWS WHO HE IS. Then she tells him that SHE'S LEAVING DAKOTA BECAUSE SHE KILLED SOMEONE. But before she leaves for good, Dusk gives Virgil his Static costume back and made tells him that he will see her again when he is in costume, on patrol at night, and in his shadow (in spirit is more of the case) when he flies...leaving a heartbroken Virgil alone. [NEWER QUESTIONS BUILD UP HERE AS WE WONDER IF SHE KILLED LARRY'S EMPLOYERS OR SOMEONE ELSE, AND HOW SHE KNOWS VIRIGIL IS STATIC]
Static Shock - Rebirth of the Cool #1: HERE IS WHERE THINGS GET TWISTED WHEN MILESTONE FIRST TRIED TO BE REBORN. When Virgil explains why he quiet being Static, it was because of an tragic accident with DUSK - KILLED IN A BURNING BUILDING WHEN RESCUING CIVILIANS. [It was less than 4 years after MILESTONE was canceled and for some reason they tempered with DUSK from her last appearance]
To wrap things up, some part of her past is that she belongs to a family of superheroes, decided to become her own hero by becoming a vigilante, teamed up/flittered with Static, killed someone, left town....and dies in a tragic accident before she leaves town?! I wish Milestone still had some time to create more information about DUSK. It was a shame that she did not appear in MILESTONE FOREVER or the recent TEEN TITANS issues.
What do you think of the information presented here? Do you think that put the pieces together?

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@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge: im sorry i found this so late. but thank you!!!! ive been trying to put the pieces together myself for a while nd was sad that she died before her character had a chance to really develop. she was in a panel in the new 52. in static #8 so thats something but ive always wanted to know her story. i just know its worth the loooooooooooong wait.

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@wisesonAC:Were you a fan of Dusk?

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yes big fan actually.

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