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At the invitation of an old school friend, introverted high school student Mikado Ryuugamine, yearning for a life less ordinary, makes his way to Tokyo. His destination: Ikebukuro, a hotbed of madmen living out their most unusual lives. On his first day there, Mikado chances upon a sight that leaves him rubbing his eyes and scratching his head - the Black Biker, who from bodysuit to license plate is black as night, soundlessly weaving through the streets like a figure out of an urban legend. Who is this 'Headless Rider' on the jet-black metal and rubber steed?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 12: Wawawawawawawawawawawawa!!
  • Chapter 13: Wawawawawawawawawawawawawa!!
  • Chapter 14: Wawawawawawawawawawawawawawa!!
  • Chapter 15: Wawawawawawawawawawawawawawawa!!
  • Chapter 16: Wawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawa!!
  • Chapter 17: Wawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawa!!

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