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The Durapasya, or the Warriors of Light, are the followers of the Pure Gods. Initially, the Durapasya were the men that rebelled against Lord Bala's rule and joined the gods fight against him. Once the Devi entity had been created, the Durapasya was the group that the gods bestowed the rites of infusing the entity into a human host. She led the Durapasya to victory in the second age of man against Bala.

Today, the Durapasya are a secret society that seek to destroy Bala and all of his minions. They have been watching and safeguarding Tara Mehta until taking her to become the next Devi. However, during the ceremony Tara was not sacrificed as the rite says and now Tara and the Devi entity must coexist, human and divine. Regardless of the form, however, the Durapasya will be devoted to serving her and aiding in the battle against the Darinde.

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