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Okay so basically I've been obsessed with the concept of the Crime Syndicate ever since I read Grant Morrison's Earth 2. With the DCnU's Earth 2 title doing so well, it got me to thinking about other possible alternate realities to explore, so obviously I picked Earth 3, the original home of the CSA. I think it's a story with a lot of potential, whether it is an ongoing or just a mini series. But I would like to see it done a bit differently. So this blog is for me to share my vision of the Earth 3 concept and for you guys to share your ideas as well :)

I envision Earth 3 as a world where the original CSA, or Crime Society of America, helped the tyrannical Allied Powers take over the world during WW2. The series would open with a brief glimpse at this team, styled as an evil version of the JSA, before going on to depict how the CSA featured in the series came to life. I picture it like this: some time after the USA takes over the world, the three newest additions to the CSA, Owlman, Ultraman, and Superwoman, decide that they should be running the show. So the three of them single handedly murder every member of the CSA. They then collect four other villains who were loyal to them during the coup: Johnny Quick, Power Ring, Barracuda, and the White Martian. Together the seven of them become the head of a new CSA, now the Crime Syndicate of America.

One thing I haven't liked about Earth 3 stories is that it always features the JLA fighting the CSA. I don't know about you, but I read elseworlds to see what it would be like without the JLA, at least as we know it today. So I think a new Earth 3 series should feature heroic versions of DCU villains trying to fight the CSA. Obviously in an ongoing they wouldn't win, and probably not in a mini either, but I've always liked the stories about a small rebel force trying to fight a tyrannical government/warlord, and I think it could work here. So my idea for Earth 3 is that, in response to the CSA's growing tyranny, Alexander Luthor, the heroic version of Lex Luthor, decides to bring together a group to fight against the CSA. So he calls up each CSA members arch nemesis. The Jokester or the Jester(a heroic Joker); a heroic version of Cheetah that can just be named after some other big cat; a heroic version of Captain Cold, since he's traditionally the leader of the Rogues. We can call him something corny and dumb like Lieutenant Blizzard or something; Yellow Lantern, a heroic version of Sinerstro, who's mission is to destroy Volthoon, the being that gave Power Ring his... power ring; a heroic version of either Black Manta, who I can't really think of a name for; and a heroic version of Ma'alefa'ak, the only other White Martian left, who is on a mission to bring his brother the White Martian to justice for committing genocide on their people.

So those are my basic concept ideas for an Earth 3 series. I think it would really cool to bring other heroes and villains and see what kinds of interesting ways we can bring them into this world. So please feel free to comment on my ideas and share any ideas of your own, because I love feedback :) put please try to keep it civil guys. I make these posts for people to share ideas with other comic book fans, and I can respect if you don't like my ideas but there's no reason to be nasty about it.

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I personally like it. But i think it should follow along with the same skeleton of the Earth 2 and new Earth where there's a five year jump after a significant event. For this world it should be the Crime Syndicate Coming together and taking over the world. The Five years later it focus on The "villains as heroes" e,erging, starting with Lex Luthor assembling the heroes.

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