Earth-2 sales

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I was pretty amazed that a new book like Earth-2 managed to sell 86,162 in its debut. It's the strongest debut for a new DC series that has no relation to the Justice League (albeit the killing off of the trinity). I believe it ranks 11th in sales. I think the strong debut is due to the word-of-mouth. It's shaping up to be one of the best books in DC IMO. In this economy, it's hard for a new book to have strong sales. I'm pretty happy that this series has garnered a big following. I don't have to worry about its cancellation for a while. :D

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I've recently been adopting some DC titles including Earth 2 (usually a Marvel guy here) and I thoroughly enjoy getting in on the ground floor. Honestly, the dialogue's kinda meh for me but it has potential, especially after the #0 issue

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