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I love Nicola Scott's art but i don't know why for some reason she just doesn't seem a fit for earth 2 i know people think different and i'm sorry but i think she is better fitted for a title like world's finest or catwoman(when Palmiotti starts writing wf)and to the main the artist's i think should take the reins


Lashley's NEW and older stuff for new 52

This guy is talented and i think he can handle earth 2 better his art is not everyone's cup of tea(black hawks reviews) but it is very nice and i easily see him giving Alan Scott more constructs.His covers are outstanding and Yildiray Cinar is just not doing it good on earth 2


This guy is talented and he could also do some work as you can see an earth 2 issue he did above with other dc work he has detail like David finch without making it dark and he uses only pencils


you can see his art he is the top new 52 designer he is a fantastic artist and even helped develop earth 2 designs and i know some people still want Nicola but c'mon


he is more suited for a dark title-i know may say that but he has done lighter work so he can suit it perfectly

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this shouldn't be in battle forum.

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I love the art it has I wouldn't want it to change. I also hated the crap art in the 0 issue.

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Good choices but I like Nicola Scott's art more

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I wouldn't mind any of these choices except for Sean Murphy. I'd rather just keep Nicola Scott, she's perfect for the superhero vibe that the book has.

I've noticed that Brett Booth seems to be doing a lot of covers for Earth 2 and I have to say, if he steps on as full time artist, I'm leaving the book.

Doug Mahnke would be a really good choice, though.

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