Would U Buy It #26: "What If? Ghost Rider"

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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:What If? Ghost Rider.
Alternate Title:Ghost Rider: What If?.
Collecting 12 Issues:
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: What If (1989) #45

With #17 & #28, I'd just pull the Ghost Rider stories, so this volume would be a little thin, if it was just What If? issues. So, I thought why not add some 1990's Ghost Rider team-ups (not to be confused with 2007's Ghost Rider Team-Up) to beef this trade up a bit? So I added a Ghost Rider/ Wolverine/ Punisher tale, it's sequel, a Ghost Rider/ Captain America story, and a team-up between Ghost Rider & the X-Men, where they fight the Brood. Finally, I figured this TPB jumps around so much in the Rider's history, why don't we include the 2008 Ghost Rider Saga, just so everyone can enjoy catching up on the history of the Ghost Rider.

For the cover, I would go with the cover from Ghost Rider Saga, just because it is an awesome shot of Ghost Rider. I think we should want to stick with a What If cover though, so I'd go with the Barbara Ketch female Ghost Rider shot, from What If #45.

This TPB would be more in-continuity Ghost Rider tales, than it would be What If's, but sometimes, I think it's cool to add some easter egg type things to the TPB. It makes it worth buying, doesn't it?

X-Men (1991) #8-9 & Ghost Rider (1990) #26-27 have been collected before in the prestige format one-shot, X-Men & Ghost Rider: Brood Trouble in the Big Easy (1993). It's in the same time period as the other stories, so I added it.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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Thanks again!

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what if # 17 ghost rider eventually killed by hellstorm AKA son of satan.
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@ka385385: That's what the #17 Ghost Rider story is?  That's cool.  Thanks. :)
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I got them all. What if #28 is a alternate story line from #43 &44. It's not bad, but not the greatest. 
What if #45 is a cool story where Barbra is the GR. Spider Man, Dr.Strange, and Blaze are in the story. This one is a must IMHO 
What if #95 is if Mephisto had influanced Danny and he becomes some type of serial killer and eventully confronts Blaze. This one isn't bad. 
Hearts of Darkness is a good story another must. 
Dark Design is the sequil to Hearts of Darkness, it fails to live up to HOD but it's not bad and Black Heart kills Mephisto in this one.
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@AlphaRider: But...apparently, Mephisto got better, yeah?  If only his death could have been lasting, thus preventing One More Day.  Oh, wait...that was a spell that Dr. Strange put on the world.  Yeah, that's better. 8^/ 
I'd like to see this one, personally, just because I think the only one I have is #28 (the DD as Agent of SHIELD issue).

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