Who Is The New Lady Ghost Rider??

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I keep getting asked who the new Ghost Rider is.  The truth is, I don't know.  I can't distinguish between all the other Ghost Riders!  So to deflect any more questions, I thought this would be a good chance for people to debate who they think the new Ghost Rider is. 
So far, all we know is that the skull is on fire... and there are a couple of lovely lady lumps under the leather jacket!   
Who do you think is this white-blonde skull-faced woman? 
Ghost Rider #3
Ghost Rider #2
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@xerox-kitty: A relation to the other Riders is likely in my view. Like the new design especially the Sword/Scythe
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Sounds exotic. Maybe that girl who he used to team up with.

Waitaminute. Didn't Dan Ketch have a sister? Or maybe in a twist, it's Naomi Kale. That'd be something.

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Hey remember when Roxanne got turned into that bad person?
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Yeah, Black Rose. I think she's currently dead, but since when has that been more than a minor nuisance for a comic book character

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#7 Posted by Westlife (1806 posts) - - Show Bio
They said in that Ghost Rider ultimate guide that nobody stays dead in comics for long. But I'm really hoping for Naomi to return, though why she would be killing her child is beyond me. Crossing the fingers on it.
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Babara Ketch probably. 
lokks like there still other ghost rider remain.
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well whoever it is...i can honestly say one thing... 

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