What would be a good place to start for Ghost RIder?

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I mostly like DC comics but my friend is saying I should get some Marvel too. So I decided on two characters from Marvel to start and Ghost Rider was one of them. So im looking for some insight on where I should begin with him. Thanks.

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@Dr_Crane1991: Well volume 2 is always a good place to start. Dan Ketch is BA and not as much of a douche as Johnny Blaze plus all the powers but Hellfire manipulation were stolen from Dan Ketch and weren't implimented as a part of Blaze until after the movie so if you liked the spikes you'll enjoy Dan. Plus, the Spirit that Dan is bonded to is just as much of a character as Dan is so you'll get to see both sides and how both are affected by the other's actions.

#3 Posted by The_Tree (7079 posts) - - Show Bio

Bumping this, as I'm curious about some good, modern Ghost Rider stories.

#4 Posted by AtraCruor (237 posts) - - Show Bio

@The_Tree: Well the modern stories aren't as good imo. They've gone just... weird with the mythos and pretty much turned Zarathos into a carbon copy of Noble Kale while turning Dan's character into a crackhead for the Rider power and all around douche, Johnny's always been one, which pisses me off because Dan was a pretty good charater and he and his transformation were actually liked by the hero community.

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