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Despite the grumblings of Ghost Rider fans about how the first movie came out, a sequel has been talked about for a while now.  Collider got an exclusive interview with producer Dan Lin.  You should check it out to read the full interview but here's a summary and some answers to questions you may have about the Ghost Rider sequel.
The sequel will be called Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance.  Notice the "2" is missing.  They will be going ahead with adapting the script written by David Goyer back in 2001.  The script will be updated to fit "today's times."  Mark Johnson will not be directing.  Eva Mendes will not return as Roxanne Simpson.  The movie will be a "hard" PG-13.  The movie will take place in Europe.  They are open to David Goyer directing if he is available.  The sequel is hoping to "push the reset button" on the franchise.  The movie might be done in 3-D.  The movie may start filming as early as this year.
Make sure to check out the full interview for more details.  I still haven't seen the first movie.  I do hope that the sequel will be more of a success than the first.  We all know that Nicolas Cage feels the same.  I like the idea that this move could be "resetting" the franchise.  That means I may not necessarily have to watch the first movie.  The idea of this being in 3-D does sound interesting.  If they are hoping to begin filming this year, I wonder when it could be released.  We know from yesterday that Summer 2011 is already pretty full of comic book movies.  Maybe they'll go with an October/Halloween release in 2011.  What do you think about all of this?
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another reset  huh?

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Honestly, the first one wasn't great but NOT that bad as people are saying!  I think the disappointment came with Cage as Johnny Blaze.   Yes, the movie strayed somewhat from the comics but not that darn much.   
Is it possible they will use Danny Ketch instead of Blaze?  Not that I want it myself but for whatever reason some people want it.  Whatever.   
@G-Man:  Ghost Rider is a lot better than Daredevil, the first Hulk movie, and Superman Returns by a LONG SHOT.  You should check it out.  Its not great but I enjoyed it.
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Ghost rider deserves a good reset, i wonder who they will cast as johnny Blaze. Who else wants a reboot for daredevil?

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Yeah, I agree with Decept-O. If they want this reboot to be a success, the most important thing they can do is keep Cage as far away from it as they can. Eric Bana was (in my opinion) a better Banner than Cage was a Blaze...hell, Affleck as Daredevil may have been better than Cage as Blaze, but that might be too close to call.

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Ghost Rider, first appearence in Marvel Spot Light & I have

two! I've been an avid fan of GR since way back when. the

problem I have in the new comic books are the price. I

think the quality is better today but the story line isn't. I

can't wait to see the next movie. I heard they are making a

movie of Lady Death. I dont know how much truth is in it.

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Honestly, I didn't think Cage was THAT bad in the first. He had an appropriate level of cheese until he just piled on way too much at the end.
The enemies of the first one failed pretty hard.

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Well, it could work. They did do a rest on the Punisher movies rather close to each other. There was the 2004 The Punisher and the 2008 Punisher War Zone.
The 2004 The Punisher did a box office gross in the US of 33.6 Million over a 33 Million budget for the movie.
The 2008 Punisher War Zone did a box office gross in the US of 7.9 Million over a 22 Million budget for the movie.
Resets don't always do better. I hadn't seen the War Zone movie myself, but I have heard that people say it was a better 'Punisher' movie. In the case of Ghost Rider. The movie was panned by pretty much everyone. Should be interesting to see where they take it.

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Marvel has been doing alot of resets when it coms to movies but in this movie a reset is needed when it comes to nick cage's age they need a much younger actor that fits the character alittle more maybe the guy that played him as a young man in the first movie nick cage doesn't fit the dark grim skullflamed hero we know today ghost rider needs no deserves a much more suitable actor that has a 20-30 year look to him but the movie needs a reset that was nick cage's first and hopefully last hero movie to be done well we'll have to see how the new mvie works out in 2011. Nick cage will definetly not be returning to the set of ghost rider.
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YAHOO!!!!! This is so awesome! The name's already giving us hints its gonna be actually about the origins and nature of the Spirit of Vengeance (not simply Johnny Blaze). I do hope they dont get Wes Bentley again as bleedin' Blackheart cos he made me sick...Nick Cage wasn't completely a disaster; he wasn't exceptional, sure...I d have had Johnny Blaze more surly and self-pitying as he is in the comics. It would have made his reactions and acting more believeable Nick Cage looked like he's happy but is putting up a front of being depressed - not good. Peter Fonda, on the other hand was EXCEPTIONAL. I d have given the movie a 5 or 6 on 10, since Blackheart and his cronies (who were underused and overrated - i mean come on what kind of battle for the frickin Spirit of Vengeance did they put up?Even Blackheart! They were one-hit KO and Ghost Rider deserves stronger villains, much like the game versions!) made the movie a complete dog's breakfast. It had a lot of potential: the origins were spot on (though most, if not all, of the plot was pretty weak from then on, particularly from when blackheart makes his entrance), animation was awesome, GR's raison d'etre explained by Caretaker (whose GR form was underused) was BRILLIANT and had two brilliant actors on board that were the film's saving grace : Peter Fonda and Sam Elliot. Let's hope this movie saved what was good in the movie and ditch what didnt work. 
The one line that made me sick in the entire movie? Blackeart's: "I like it here!" sounded oh-so-gay for a freaking devil (which is surely not South Park's devil)
BTW, i dont understand what s d fuss with DD. it was one of the best movies done in Marvel, and the Director's cut made it much, much more awesome! My favorite so far is The Incredible Hulk, soon followed by Iron Man

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I liked the first film.
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@Green ankh said:
"I liked the first film. "

So did I. I thought Nick Cage was a good Johnny Blaze, the only downfall was Blackhearts non-monster look. 
I think this movie might be okay, I wouldn't mind Zarathos being the villain, or the return of Mephisto.
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Despite the movie being bad I thought the visual effects were just superb , but the acting was a bit stale except for Sam Elliott as Grave Digger & Peter Fonda as Mephisto.. I like how they're going with Goyer's original script, which they should've done in the first place. Don't know about him directing. The movies he tends to direct are usually not up to par as his writing his. If only Stephen Norrington was available to direct it. I'm down for the reset button on this too. The move to Europe might be a good move to serparate itself from the first one. I hope they bring in Blackout and Lilith and maybe fix what they did to Blackheart. I wish though they didn't bring back Cage and just get someone else , but make it Danny & not Johnny. Danny was always far more superior and cooler than Johnny's Ghost Rider. Well if Cage is coming back he needs to fix his acting & not do that whole jelly beans schtick & finger pointing. I prefer my Blaze as a drunk lol....Oh and they need to fix the GR's voice. I wasn't digging the way he sounded. He should sound similar to way the Richard Grieco did GR's voice . (You know Grieco would've been a good Ketch in his younger days) 
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I thought Cage was the biggest problem in the first (combined with the bad script and emo Blackheart) but....Christ, I can't believe I'm saying this...maybe he's not as goddawful as an actor as I've always thought. He should channel some of that Matchstick Men magic, that was his golden goose for me. 
They should get Megan Fox to play Lilith (hehhehehehemuahahahahHAHAHAHA)
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@Decept-O said:

"Honestly, the first one wasn't great but NOT that bad as people are saying!  I think the disappointment came with Cage as Johnny Blaze.   Yes, the movie strayed somewhat from the comics but not that darn much.    Is it possible they will use Danny Ketch instead of Blaze?  Not that I want it myself but for whatever reason some people want it.  Whatever.    @G-Man:  Ghost Rider is a lot better than Daredevil, the first Hulk movie, and Superman Returns by a LONG SHOT.  You should check it out.  Its not great but I enjoyed it. "

I agree with what  Decept-O said .Coulda been alot worse. Odd way to look at it.But with comic based movies if its not horrible its a win :/
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They need to adapt Road to Damnation by Ennis and Crain. Fantastic story. 
Also, I was never sold on Nic Cage being Johnny Blaze. He is just not Johnny Blaze-y enough. He's not haunted. He's not angry. In the first movie he almost seemed like he was along for the ride and not actually invested in what was happening.

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This has potential, maybe they wouldn't have to reset movies if they just did them true to cannon as apposed to making them suck. 
Just a thought.
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Sounds like there doind a reboot.

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I love Nicholas Cage
but I think they should've gone with a younger actor.

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@AngelFrost said:
"I love Nicholas Cage but I think they should've gone with a younger actor. "

I concur/
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younger actor I see  a Mark Wahlberg fro this role lol

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Thomas Jane would be a fantastic Johnny Blaze IMO. Wasn't Goyer's script rejected before? Wonder why it was approved. Also wonder where in Europe it'll be set and why. 

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Charlie Hunnam as the new Ghost Rider Anyone?

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I wish studios would stop with the "reboot" already. With the exception of Batman, no reboots have been successful. i.e. Punisher, Hulk, Superman (sorta). Just suck it up and give us a squeal that is actually better than the original. 

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The article seems to suggest Nic Cage will definitely be staying. Which, I think, is a good thing.

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I usually don't say this because I am usually very sympathetic towards "bad" movies, but the first Ghost Rider movie was sort of bad.

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I think the 3D might make it a bit gay.
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that's a lot of maybes and mights without anything concrete 

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Nic Cage, although a good actor at times, is a little long in the tooth for the role. They need a younger actor - and a darker script. 
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I'm not the biggest fan of 3D, but I might see this. Never read Ghost Rider, probably why I liked te first movie so much, and I'll probably like this one if done right.

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I dont mine reboots... but eh... we are starting to rack up quite a few with these Marvel Films now arent we ?


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Hope this one does a lot better than the first.

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@Yung ANcient One: u may be onto somethin' with this choice...  SOA!
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@Namor1987 said:
" younger actor I see  a Mark Wahlberg fro this role lol "
as ketch not blaze
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GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It seems like every movie coming out is in 3D and while I don't have a problem with going to see the occasional 3D movie here and there it still feels to gimicky to me and I hate sitting through a 2 hour plus movie wearing those stupid glasses that make my ears, nose and eyes hurt

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Oh i hope we get Lilith as a Villain or at least a cameo for a future movie hehe!

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