who is your favourite Flash

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who is your favourite person to take up the mantle of the flash? my is Bart Allen, he was great, he was a brilliant hero and he was funny as well, i used to read a lot of dc but since they killed him off i only read robin now plus he beat superboy prime. 

#2 Posted by Nighthunter (29560 posts) - - Show Bio
Wally West
#3 Posted by Methos (40532 posts) - - Show Bio
Jesse Quick
#4 Posted by LightBright (4085 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm a big fan of Wally West, but at the moment I'm also fond of Impulse (Bart Allen). Love the hair! :)

#5 Posted by Supreme Marvel (11573 posts) - - Show Bio
Bart Allen
#6 Posted by NightFang (11256 posts) - - Show Bio
Supreme Marvel said:
Bart Allen
             I agree, Bart was the best, I hope he come's back.
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