who is the most popular flash among comic fans

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what flash really has the highest popularity.... what flash do most comic fans like the most, majority

jay,barry, wally or bart?

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I think a lot of people tend to like Wally since they kinda grew up with him but I like Barry.

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is Wally considered to be the fastest Flash?? out of barry, jay, and bart

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I think Wally is considered the fastest since he's got the most impressive feats. Barry hasn't been back among the living for very long though, he might learn some tricks from Wally and surpass him. I guess Bart has the potential to be faster. So I'd say Wally is fastest but Barry and Bart could surpass him under the right circumstances....maybe.

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i do remember reading somewhere... plus with what other comic fans have said.....

that bart has the most potential to be the fastest flash, faster then even wally....

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Wally West.

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I think Wally West is the most popular.

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Wally the man

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I don't care what anyone says to me Wally is Flash

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Wally's the most popular, but i like Barry a lot too! And i love Bart but i hated his run as the flash, he's a kick ass Kid Flash though. 

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Considering it's been 25 years since 'Crisis' where Barry died and Wally took over and everyone since then thinks of Wally West as the Flash, I'd say Wally for them. 

For anyone reading comics and being a fan or the Flash before that, it's almost certainly Barry Allen.

Ironically, since I'm 41 years old and grew up with Barry as the Flash, my favorite is Jay Garrick.  I always liked his 'Mercury' helmet and lightning-bolt logo design best.

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Wally West is the most popular Flash.

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Wally West is the Flash. Barry Allen and Jay Garrick are just characters from his back story.

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a lot of people also only know flash from the JL cartoon, in which Wally is Flash

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oh but then in new-52 barry allen is flash...

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Wally West because of the cartoon and this generation mostly being exposed to him. Though with Barry getting a TV series, supposedly being in the JLA movie, and his comic being good that could very well change.

Plus now with Wally being gone for good and replaced with a different Wally doesn't help . :p

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to me wally west has always been the most popular and my favorite since the Justice League Cartoon.

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I like barry and bart but wally is more popular and has more fans.

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Wally West all the way. Most powerful, most interesting, just better over all

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Barry Allen

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Most would say Wally West, but tbh, my all time fave Flash is Barry, I especially love his relationship , friendship with Hal.

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For me it is Barry and Wally is Kidd Flash. But that's me.

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To be honest Barry Allen just appear recently. Almost 30 years Barry never appear in mainstream comics continuity. Wally West is the face of The Flash for almost 30 years. Just like Bucky who almost 70 years never appear in comics continuity

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