What bugs me the most about Flash...

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... is that SO many other comic book characters share the same name! Just by looking up "Flash" on this site, you see suggestions for an IDW Flash, a Tangent Comics Flash, and a Valiant Comics Flash appear BEFORE the more popular and well-known DC Comics Flash. And don't get me started on the Fox Comics Flash as well as similarly-named Flash Gordon and Flash Thompson (from the Spider-Man comics)... in my opinion I find this as being very sad seeing that so many other characters would borrow the name from the Scarlet Speedster... and this also explains why I would much rather call the DC Flashes by their full names (like Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, etc.) even though the first Flash (Jay Garrick) made his first appearance in comics in 1940... The Flash really is my favorite DC superhero, and I know this might sound kinda dumb, but I REALLY hate that so many other characters are also named "Flash", it almost seems like the name itself is unoriginal compared to DC heavy hitters like Superman, Batman and Green Lantern... So what do you guys think? Do you also share my same opinions or do you think this is just a really bad OCD habit on my part?

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The Flash is still the most popular though ;)

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@Billy Batson: Well, there's that... :P

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