Weapon for the flash?

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Superman has heat vision, Batman has batarangs, Wonder Woman has a lasso, and Green Lantern has a ring.
what weapon would you give the Flash? he's got his speed, but is there any weapon (other than his flash ring that doesnt count) that would work well with him and his powers? thoughts?

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Speed Force :)

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I don't think there would be any point. He would have to slow down to use a gun or projectile and as far as I know he's not trained in any kind of melee weapon.
I think that his knowledge of chemistry and physics is enough.
What would the Flash be without his Flash Facts? :)

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A pair of tonfas, cause they look badass.
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That's an interesting question, but as Kal'smahboi pointed out, Flash would have to slow down to use any type of device other than his own "biological" ones.  Granted, they are not necessarily biological per se, but when Flash uses the Speed Force, he can do a number of things, such as create a whirlwind vortex, vibrate through solid objects like walls and even ice, create a concussive force by clapping his hands together, and also travel through time, but the latter is with the aid of the "Time Treadmill" or "Time Track".  He can also hear, see, and use his reflexes at super speeds, and also can heal at the same rate.  No need for any weapons and I am having a hard time thinking of one for him to use.  It is a good question, I just don't have an answer.
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Yeah, it would slow him down.  Remember Shadow The Hedgehog?  They gave him a gun and and it made him slowdown and everyone hated his videogame.  
Besides, could a weapon stay intact, as fast as Flash moves?

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an adamantium (or the dc equivilent) katana 
something durable and short 
possibly a Falchion     
go medievel on their @ss!
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brass knuckles

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Why even bother with an adamanium sword when he can just vibrate his hand through someone?
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Well, with the speed he moves at he doesnt need one.
However, a compact melee weapon would fit him the best.

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Some sort of metallic gauntlets.
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Good Lord.  What does Barry need a weapon for?  If you're going to count 'Heat Vision' as a weapon, then you should probably should 'Speed Force' as well.  Between the two?  Speed Force is potentially way more dangerous.  It may not be as simple and direct as zorching an enemy to ashes, but it leaves a whole lot of room for creativity. Looking at your list of 'weapons', it seems to me that you were thinking long ranged attack capabilities.  While I don't think Barry particularly needs to be able to fight at a distance to be effective, he can.  If there are any pebbles, rocks, screwdrivers, hammers, nails, pennies, or whatever lying around for Barry to pick up, then there's a good chance his opponent is hosed.  That said, there's a good chance Barry has a wallet on him with some spare change in it, so he's probably already carrying a weapon.
By the way, I seem to remember that Superman actually had a sword called, "The Sword of Superman".  It had an 'S' on the hilt and everything.  In the end it made him too powerful, so he put it down so he could remain Earth's hero.

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lightning powers....
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Give him a machine gun, just so he can shoot it at people, push them out of the way of the bullets, and then laugh at them for not being as fast as he is.
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agree with anyone saying he already has a better weapon than anything he could.
the Flash could technically throw or move a bullet faster than a gun itself could fire it.

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@CATMANEXE: Way faster. Bullets generally range from 850 feet/second to 3500 feet/second.
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think bullets that start at the speed of the flash before being fired. thats really fast. 
I agree, brace nuckles or some knives or tonfas
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For Jay it is his helmet
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The Laws of Physics are the Flash's greatest weapon, thats why it hurts so much when he punches you
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Nunchucks!    How cool would that be to see him use them? well it would be to fast to see but it would be awesome never the less
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I would give him swords. Seeing him slice someone to bits before they could even move would be awesome

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A indestructible lance. He could plow through anything without having to slow down to vibrate. It would be effin devastating.

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at his speed he could kill someone with a pillow

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@Mbecks14 said:
" Superman has heat vision, Batman has batarangs, Wonder Woman has a lasso, and Green Lantern has a ring.  what weapon would you give the Flash? he's got his speed, but is there any weapon (other than his flash ring that doesnt count) that would work well with him and his powers? thoughts? "
If you count heat vision as a weapon and looking at your examples, you seem to be looking for something to give Flash ranged abilities.  Technically, the Speed Force is all he [Wally] would ever need to affect people in-range... Waid showed Savitar speed stealing- and reversing- thrown objects several feet away, Morrison showed that Wally can speed-steal the planet or a city-sized alien ship, and Johns showed Turtle and speed-steal an entire area/city.  So if they kept that consistently written and/or Wally trained to be as good as Savitar or Turtle, then he could- theoretically- do all sorts of additional ranged tricks just by looking at you.  Speed up your heart until you collapse, freeze you in place, return projectiles at you, etc.  If he picked up tricks from Savitar or Professor Zoom, he could age you to dust with just a touch. 
But back to the issue of weapons... early in Johns run, Wally was depowered and had to rely on weapons... so which one did he pick?  ALL OF THEM!  He raided the Flash museum vault (why real live weapons are kept in a museum is not really explained) and loaded up on all the Rogue's weapons using them simultaneously.  The two most useful seemed to be Mirror Master's powers and an anti-gravity belt.  So if he could have his pick, it'd probably be something like XS's Flight Ring or another mirror gun. 
The "weapon" that would help him the most the way he's currently written would be the rough equivalent of a utility belt and shoes with retractable spikes.  It seems ridiculous that someone who can fetch anything in an instant should carry equipment or who can run that fast seek extra traction but nonetheless this is exactly how villains frustrate Flash on a regular basis.  He slips on surfaces, gets stuck in goo, or otherwise finds the villains out of reach.  So give him the option of traction to avoid slick things, keep "anti-goo" spray in your utility belt, and don't forget to use your belt-pouch projectiles of gas bombs, explosives, tasers, and little rubber balls (to be tossed at whatever speed Flash deems necessary)... 
The "weapon" that would help him the most written pragmatically is just his brain.  A change in tactics, stopping to think, etc. would just about make Flash unstoppable.  Essentially, change his default action from "Charge at bad guy" to "Observe, strategize, and calculate" (heck, thumb through "The Art of War" pocket edition) and he should beat just about everything besides a full on inescapable ambush... and be a really really boring character to write and read. 
A less story-breaking version of the above would be for Flash to keep a PDA loaded with a practical Library of Congress.  To essentially emulate Bart's supposed ability (despite having memorized the entire San Francisco library he rarely acts as someone with that knowledge or on that knowledge).  The protest would be that the device would be too slow for Flash, but Wally's proven he can speed lend to electronic devices and signals so it would work for him even if not Barry.  Again, "Why should a hero who can get to any library in the world in the time it takes you to boot a PDA carry the latter?"  And the answer is preparedness and utility.  It's the same reason he uses a communicator rather than always showing up face to face to talk.  The latter is more versatile, convenient, and allows the other to reach him... likewise, a PDA can be used where-ever he is and can be used by others (sure he can read it instantly in a library... but what if he wants you to read something?).
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No weapon. Just powers.
Heat vison's a power too. Not a weapon.

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the flash doesn't need weapons.

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