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Has DC Entertainment put a stop to film production?


It seems as though it has been quite some time since we have heard anything about a 'Flash' movie! Screenwriter Charles Roven indicated in a recent interview that the upcoming 'Flash' film has been all but called off due to the restructuring of DC Entertainment. The internal company changes have forced the project to halt because DC wishes to move the film in a different direction. Roven was quoted at IGN stating:

"I was involved at one point with The Flash," Roven informed us. "And Warner Bros. came to me and said, 'The work that you've been doing hasn't yet resulted in something that any of us, including the filmmaking team, feel could be greenlit as a movie. We're trying to accomplish something that takes into account the entire, rich DC character world, and we'd like to pull it back. That doesn't mean that you aren't going to be a part of it. We just want to take a different kind of approach. Do you mind if we try that?'"

However, how reliable is the quote from Roven, who is no longer involved as a producer on the project? According to the response by the current screenwriter for the film, Dan Mazeau, work on an upcoming 'Flash' film is still underway and DC writer Geoff Johns is still consulting, which is fantastic news for fans of the character.

Everything is moving forward as planned," Mazeau explained. "I'm still writing the script. Geoff Johns is still consulting. Flash fans have no cause for concern, and -- IMO -- lots to be excited about."

The fact that Roven cites the restructuring of DC Entertainment as an explanation as to why film production has halted makes me think that Warner Brothers may want to utilize 'The Flash' to expand the DC movie franchise. Could this mean we may be in store for a Justice League movie? It will be interesting to watch the developments. What do you think?
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I just don't understand DC's problem with making live action movies...I mean they've got Warner Bros. backing them and some of the most iconic characters in comics, so you would think that they should have no problem getting these movies made...but it seems like everytime I see an article about one of their movies and get a little bit excited about the possible spoilers awaiting me it turns into a let down because they've come up with some new excuse as to why they aren't getting the movies done

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Hmmm this could be good...or we may end up with flash in a nipple suit............

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@danhimself: I think that if in fact they pulled production, it may be because they want to make something bigger....kind of like Marvel will have the Avengers? They may want to restructure the story so that they can make a Justice League movie where they can incorporate 'The Flash.'
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This MAY be one time where a temporary halt could be a good decision.  Initially I was bummed by the headline but after reading everything I think this will be good news.   
Just wish DC Entertainment, et al. would work a little faster----pun intended---with launching the great DC characters into movies but I can wait if it means better quality stories, action, and FX.   Not patiently wait mind you but I will try.
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@Babs:  I hope that's the case....the only problem I would have with that is that they've said that Nolan's Batman movies wouldn't be included in their Justice League movie universe....which I can kind of understand but it would be cool especially since they've already got 2 great movies that they could use as the begining structure of their movie universe
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Ah, yes...the pipe dream that is a JLA movie...

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I can see Justin Timberlake in the flash suit......what?...Just saying.
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I don't even want to think about a Justice League movie right now. I would be happy if we saw another six DC films from WB before they even start thinking about Justice League. You can count the DCU movie franchises on one hand, Marvel made an Elecktra movie for God's sake. Yes it sucked, but at least they made it.  
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i think the should juss do movies for the bigger people like wonder woman ,batman ,super man , but it woud've been cool to see flash on the big screen i think chris evans can play flash
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Saw this comming. Since DC entertainment was announced they said that they were developing the new strategy and that they would reveal it beginning next year. The fact that they are taking so long to plan a strategy makes me happy, I mean they are making sure that they get their movies made with the highest possible quality.
Flash is something I really want to see, but I don't want to see a crappy movie so that I have to wait another 10 years to see it done right

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I have high expectations if this movie ever arrives....and I say Chris Evans would make a great Flash! Personally, I'd rather see Flash on the big screen than Supes and Wonder Woman.
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I wouldn't be surprised to see Chris in this role. 

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Chris Evans could do that job.  He was a decent Torch but I really wasn't all that excited about him until I saw Sunshine.
I wouldn't mind Scott Porter being given the role either.
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These dumb a@#  need to get it together and stop bull SH&^%$# around; while their tripping all over themselves Marvel is making movies like clockwork. DC needs to get their SH#$ together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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they better not cancle the green lantern movie... also they better make a flash movie
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It seems to me DC is so disorganized with their films. Other than the Batman franchise, everything else is so unpredictable.  
At least Marvel, whether their films suck or not, are consistently released and even followed through with sequel after sequel.
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Better to go big (like Justice League) or go home

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@Media_Master: True
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Is it going to be the Barry Allen Flash or a different one???

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The problem is that producers and directors have a bad habit of changing what is already gold. The first two batman movies were genius. Tim Burton definitely had the image of batman down. After that the batman movies got more flashy and colorful. Needless to say thats not batman. Now with Batman Begins and the Dark Knight they have once again captured the essence of batman though is voice needs some work. All DC is saying is that they want the movie to be a little more inclusive to the DC universe probably so they can make movies like Justice League, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, without having to do a separate story line. Cause when you think about it all the character in DC are connected some how or another. They want to avoid comic book butchery like the studios butchered X-Men and Spider-Man.

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@badboy306: If they take years but give us a movie like the Dark Knight is better than Marvel's collection of shitty movies every year.
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Amen brother, good things come to those who waits
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I'd find this crap easier to believe if I didn't think the JLA movie was going to be an origin story anyway. The longer they dawdle with these movies the higher expectations are going to get, and when it finally gets released and turns out to be pap, people are going to get all the more pissed.

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Since Ryan won't be playing Wally now and will instead be playing Hal. I think Ryan Kwanten from True Blood would be the next best choice to play Wally.  

And they should bring back John Wesley Shipp to reprise the role of Barry Allen , and show him passing down the mantle to Wally.   


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flash is like one of my fave heroes and now i think the movie is never gonna come out.... I don't even care anymore
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I guess they are to busy in making "catwoman 2" with beyonce playing wonder woman.. bah. get it right DC.

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I have a bad feeling about this.

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@Bruce Vain:
WOW - I agree 100%. Good PICKS!
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I think the Flash film should be about Barry Allen. He's the best Flash there has been I think. I think Bradley Cooper could play him, he was offered Hal Jordan but I think he looks more like Barry. I also think that Capt. Cold should be the villain, he is his arch-foe after all.
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@Bruce Vain: Yes the passage of the mantle to Wally would be a great thing to explore, I don't think such thing has been done on the big screen, yet.
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Wow DC got Johnny Storm  to play Berry Alien , just AWESOME  .
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  I wonder if DC will do what Marvel is doing; make all the super hero films before the Justice League film. If thats the truth, they have quite aways to go.    

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It would be such a smart move for them to do that & to give recognition to Barry. When I met John I told him that Goyer at the time was working  on the script & said to him it would be great if they brought him back. Turned out that Goyer did incorprate Barry in his script and was gonna have him passing down the Flash mantle to Wally.
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I'm already happy with The 90's Flash Pilot and TV Show so I don't think I'm looking forward with this upcoming movie. I believe no one can replace John Wesley Shipp as the Flash. 

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With the Avengers series, they started with Iron Man then went to Incredible Hulk and then on to Iron Man 2. Most likely Thor is next and Captain America is last. With a Justice League series, they can start with Green Lantern, then head into the Flash, then over to Wonder Woman, and maybe work in some other characters. I'm sure it will work if they try hard enough.
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@Moomin123 said:
"I think the Flash film should be about Barry Allen. He's the best Flash there has been I think. I think Bradley Cooper could play him, he was offered Hal Jordan but I think he looks more like Barry. I also think that Capt. Cold should be the villain, he is his arch-foe after all. "
I disagree with this across the board. 
While the silver age had some good Flash comics, the 20 years of Wally's series have been far superior.  Morrison's JLA was better than most of the Silver Age JLA as well.  Barry may be a saint but unless you've been reading Flash comics for more than 20 years, you barely know who Barry Allen is and unless you read Silver Age Flash only, you probably like Wally, Jay or Bart better. 
Captain Cold is also not Barry's Allen's arch-foe.  Far from it.  Mirror Master was originally the Flash's toughest enemy while Captain Cold was a lovesick guy with a freeze ray.  Then, Professor Zoom showed up and became a real arch enemy to the Flash.  Cold didn't become a truely imposing villain until after Barry died and he reformed soon after.
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All of DC's movies have been outshining Marvel as of late so I'm willing to see anything they make... also because I'm a DC fan.

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Hopefully they get the essence of a runner right. They sometimes lack that in the comics. 

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@Psykhophear said:
"I'm already happy with The 90's Flash Pilot and TV Show so I don't think I'm looking forward with this upcoming movie. I believe no one can replace John Wesley Shipp as the Flash.  "

He'll always be the  TRUE Barry Allen to me no one else. Sucks the show only lasted 1 season. Cause for that time the effects were just great for a tv show & the last several episodes were just getting better and better. I'm so happy I finally met him. :)... So I hope that they bring him back to reprise his role again as Barry.
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I think as far as this project is concerned, they need to follow something along the lines of what Batman Begins has done, and The Dark Knight. I'm almost tempted to say let Nolan's opinion on what he thinks should be done, but I'm afraid we'll get a flash mixed with ironman where he has a super suit, rather than actual powers. But I think Nolan has been quite successful in making the story sound real enough, so why not? But I think they need to avoid what Marvel did, and stick as close to the comics as possible, as we know the comics work. The rolem is chopping down on time, they ruin the story, and then it just completely gets spun out of control. I think if any of them, this movie has a whole lot of potential, both for great success and complete let down. I just hope they handle it well and come out with a good movie. And I think if they will give us quality, I'm more than willing to wait another year or so longer to get that.

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@Dark Cell said:
"I can see Justin Timberlake in the flash suit......what?...Just saying. "

No. That's all I have to say about that. NO
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I'm pretty sure they said quite a while back that they were hoping to get a JLA movie made.

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