The Flash #1

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Anyone read this yet? It was super good, I can't believe the preview in the back for Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert... looks sick!! I can't believe the end, COMMANDER COLD!! haha Mirror Monarch?! I wonder whats going on there. What were those badges they had? I was literally saying WHAT out loud when I finished.

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I haven't even finished reading all my books this week and I know there's no way any of them could top this.....Pick of the Week!!

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Yeah, it was great. I loved Brightest Day #0 but I think that Flash #1 was better.

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I'm loving this book even though only one issue has come out. I guess it makes sense that the Rogues of the 25th century enforce the laws since that's when Reverse-Flash aka Professor Zoom came from. I love the idea of good guy Rogues.

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Loved it. Issue #2 was really good too.

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