Speed Force Aura

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So, I have been educating myself on all things Flash, and thought I remembered something about an aura that protects the Flash that basically allows him to punch things at high speeds without breaking/shattering/turning his bones to putty at high speeds. Those wonderful wikis lead me to the term "Speed Force Aura". Is the wiki basically right on this?

"The Flash's body is surrounded by what he calls his "speed force aura". This aura protects him and anyone who is running with him or carried by him, from the effects of using his speed. This includes friction and airborne particulate matter. It also protects him from injury from high speed impacts such as punches he delivers and receives from his opponents. With this aura, he is able to absorb kinetic energy. He possesses a level of superhuman resistance to injury which at times does extend far past normal physical interactions, as received from normal combat. Wally can sync his aura with his children, giving him the ability to pull either of them to him with a thought."

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Yes, this information is correct for the most part...

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@mr.obvious: Awesome. Sounds good, and thanks for the response=)

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@Wyldsong: You're welcome. Anything for a fellow Flash enthusiast ^_^

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His brain would also melt away if it weren't for it.

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