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Quick question and hopefully someone can tell me a yes or no and where it came from.

Someone said that the Flash (not sure what version) once moved away from a bullet being shot at his neck behidn him while he was un-aware, and moved away from the bullet as he felt the friction on the back of his neck.

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not sure of the issue, but the basis was... when he felt the pressure of the bullet on his suit he immediately kicked into hyperspeed, allowing him to evade the bullet quite easily.


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That's fast

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That's a little insane.

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Andferne says:

"That's a little insane."

His brain is adapted to his speed which means he can react quite fast if he needs to.

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he basically did the same in the "Flashpoint" series, only it was a sword being swung at his neck at faster than the speed of sound from behind him...

as soon as he felt it he kicked into hyperspeed and evaded the battle, mainly because it was another speedster he was fighting...

it's a old trick, he's used it a few times, though i think it's only a Wally thing, i've only ever seen Wally and Walter West use it, never any other speedsters, doesn't mean they can't though lol


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I remeber that this feat is akin to Barry Allen,where he is able to fell a tip of a bullet touching him and simply just vibtrates his molecules so that the bullet pass through him without harming him.

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