Someone help me I am confused about the whole Flash ordeal!

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1st-I am very confused. All of the past flashes are alive now?
2nd- Do they all still have Super Speed?
3rd- Which one of this is the flash.
4th- Bart is the Kid Flash again? I thought he got older from being inside of the speed force back in Infinite Crisis.

See, I was just watching an episode of Angel in where Gunn talks abouts the flashes. So I was bored and looked them all up. It says that Barry Allen is back as the flash, and that Bart is the kid flash again. I thought Barry was dead and Wally was the flash again. And now that Barry is back.... as the flash, whats going to happen with Wally. And now Barry is the black flash.....

I am confuzzled.... please help.

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read comics or just read the pages here on the vine.

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not helping me... Im still confuzzled

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Will try to sum it up all I can

Jay Garrick was the Golden Age Flash
Barry Allen was the silver age Flash
Wally West is the silver age Kid Flash and bronze/modern age Flash
Baart Allen was Impulse, then the modern age Kid Flash and after Infinite Crisis Flash.

During Crisis of Infinite Earths (around 23 years ago) Barry Allen died fighting the anti-monitor. Wally West took his mentor's costume and name and carried the legacy for around 20 years.

During Infinite Crisis (around 3 years ago) Jay Garrick (who never died), Wally West (as Flash) and Bart Allen (as Kid Flash) joined together forces to try to throw Superboy Prime (Alternate reality evil Superman) into the speed force (place where all the speedesters get their powers from). By doing so, Wally and Bart were trapped with Superboy Prime in the speed force.

Superboy Prime escaped and Bart followed him back to normal reality using the Flash costume and was several years older. After Infinite Crisis Wally stayed in the Speed Force while Bart carried the legacy of Flash.

At the end of the relaunch Flash series which featured Bart Allen as the scarlet speedester he was killed by accident in a fight against the Flash rogues after he lost his super speed. At the same time the Legion of Superheroes using a lightning rod brought back Wally and his family from the speed force. Wally became once again the Flash.

During the beginning of Final Crisis, Barry Allen returned to the libing where it was revealed that during his fight with the Anti-monitor he became one with the speed force. As it is in the 31st century (Legion of Superhero's time) Superboy Prime along with a group of legion villains tried to destroy the legion, the legion besides recruiting the help from Superman brought back to life (or maybe brought him from the speed force, hasn't been specified) Bart Allen, he seemed deaged somehow and using the Kid Flash costume, no real explanation has been given.

So yeah, all the Flashs are alive right now, with Bart being Kid Flash right now.

During Flash: Rebirth, Barry Allen became momentarly the Black Flash but seems to have freed himself from that influence by the end of issue 3, Proffessor Zoom was revealed to be behind that, the story hasn't been finished so can't say anymore.

As for what's in store for Barry and Wally now that they both share the Flash name, that is uncertain and Dan Didio (EIC of DC comics) revealed that they are still debating who the new main star of the Flash relaunch comic will be, due to both having a great fan base, he even hinted that maybe both would get an ongoing recently.

Only time will tell


1st-Yes, as explained above
2nd- Of course
3rd- Barry and Wally currently both hold the name
4th- He is, he was deaged

hope I helped you

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Still confuzzled

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