Script For The Flash Being Written?

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A Flash movie is something we would all love to see.  The last we heard was Warner Bros. was putting all superhero movies on hold, most likely so they could make a big plan to create a cohesive universe.  IESB is reporting they know with 100% certainty that a script is being written by Dan Mazeau.

Just because a script is being written doesn't mean we'd see the movie come to life any time soon.  We can hope.  The question is, which Flash would we see, Barry Allen, Wally West or both?  Who would you like to see?  What villains would be good for the big screen? 
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This could be bad!.......I hope that it's great though....I think all of these pretty much need to be origins to make sense as a stand alone movie....but IDK.

Villain: Mirror Master!

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I would LOVE to see a Flash movie!  Hawk is right; WB should do origin movies of each character.      While many comic book readers are familiar with a lot of the history of the characters and story lines, a movie needs to appeal to a wide audience.  While Barry and Jay are favorite characters, I think it'd be best to either leave them out, and just  use Wally West. 

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I think Barry should be the Flash in the movie, because I am not sure that they could use Wally without introducing the Crisis on Infinite Earths.. And the villains should definitely be the Rogues. Zoom would probably work well if only one villain could be used. I think that only a small portion of the movie would have to be devoted to origins, and much of that could be done in flashback.

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That'd be fantastic. But, I'm almost nervous about it (if they decide to make it anyway).

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I want to say that i hope they use Wally (being my favorite flash) but i just don't see how they will do it without telling barry's story.

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