Return of the Black Flash

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Ok, sorry for the cheesy title, but this comic came accross my desk as a preview and i just had to post it here to see what you guys think...
Is this the new Flash suit.. and more to the point, is this a new Flash?

Looks to be an African American to me... definitely not Barry or Wally...
Not really sure where DC is going with this, don't they have enough speedsters as it is?
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A black Flash!?!? oh man i gotta see this

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This looks kinda suspect because of Nightwing....

#4 Posted by Final Arrow (24322 posts) - - Show Bio
@Kurrent said:
" This looks kinda suspect because of Nightwing.... "
thats the only reason you think its suspect!!!! 
#5 Posted by Defiant (678 posts) - - Show Bio

"This looks kinda suspect because of Nightwing...."

different universe son, watch

#6 Posted by Icarusflies (12975 posts) - - Show Bio

Actually, that has been confirmed as NOT the new Flash costume.

#7 Posted by The_Martian (37399 posts) - - Show Bio

Another Flash?

#8 Posted by DEGRAAF (8346 posts) - - Show Bio

i would guess it is a different universe or something. just the grouping of people kinda throws up a red flag

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@captain13 said:


I don't get it, why did you bump this?

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