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 That's this guy...
Straight from the Source, we’ve got some goodies for all you Flash-fanatics wishing the first issue of the Geoff Johns-written relaunch was coming to your store’s shelf so fast, it’d arrive ahead of street date.  Feast your eyes on some amazing water-color work below by Francis Manapul, who's just recently wrapping up a stint on Adventure Comics for DC.

To the left, we have Barry engaged in a high-speed chase with the Trickster in his... dare I say... tricked-out sedan. At first glance, it would seem to depict the Flash's attempt to stop a robbery or some other crime being performed. Then again, hasn't the Trickster reformed a number of times over the years? Perhaps they're just testing the top speed of the 2011 Civic for Honda. Just perhaps...
We've got a rather-refined portrait of magician villian Abra Kadabra, looking quite sophisticated in his formal wear and with his skeletal, ghostly entourage. Perhaps this is a little tangential, but Kadabra will always freak me out because one of the first comics I ever read was an issue of Flash where a horribly-burned Kadabra returned from the future to get revenge. Scary stuff...  
A little romantic "meet cute" between Barry Allen and Iris West. He's responding to her text seemingly a moment after its been sent, appearing to break the whole "don't be too eager" rule outlined in IRON MAN 2 director Jon Favreau's movie SWINGERS. To the ladies in the Comic Vine community... would this kind of behavior from a date or boyfriend come off as needy or chivalrous? Or perhaps some charming combination of both?

There you have it. Check out the rest of the art at the Source.  Some of this art is from THE FLASH #1, some of its from the FLASH SECRET FILES and some of it, still, is just preparation work Manapul's done to get a feel for the characters. Try to guess what belongs to what. It'll be fun.
-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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cant wait 

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I wonder, how on earth can a single man be so awesome? Manapul ****ing rocks. I was sad he left Adventure, but him drawing The Flash's new title? That's a "WIN" with capital letters in my book.

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I'm interested to see what Johns does with Abra Kadabra, he's one of the few rogues that I don't think he ever really did anything with, him and Double Down

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I can't wait to pick this up!!!! I'm so excited :D !!!!!!!! 
The Flash+ Francis Manapul+ Geoff Johns= FTW!!!! 

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Tom I believe this is a newer Trickster a younger and more psychopathic ruffian.The older reformed Trickster died during Countdown.
Also what's up with that tire in the first pic? Trickster's clearly got his hands at 10 and 2 he seems to be moving straight  but that tire is all caddywhompus.

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@jdeluca2 said:
"cant wait  "
              Me either.
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Nice work!  He's pretty on the eye himself... Is he married? I bet he's married? :p

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Looks freaking awesome!

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Kadabra looks tight! =D

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