Little help with a mysterious villain!

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Hi everybody!

I'm new to the forum and I just wanted to start with a question that is eating me this past few days. I remember an old The Flash story that had a villain who could control probabilities, kinda like a domino effect on reality. I remember an awesome page where there was a fat guy in a bus harrasing him and he used an apple he was eating to make a dog run, pulling his owner who was holding a bag of apples that fell in front of a bike that crashed into a guy reading a newspaper, the newspaper flew in front of the bus, the bust driver lost control and hit the fat guy.

The only guy I can find close to it is Major Disaster, but he doesn't have the same appearance. I remember he using a black overcoat, kinda like Costantine. Also, he complained a lot that his powers of predicting the probabilities didn't work on himself, due to some form of demon contract or something. In this particular issue that I'm trying to remember, he was also having some problems with his girlfriend/wife and even killed her parrot.

This villain used a machine to create a Tsunami to hit a city (can't remember the name of the city). The flash tried to stop the tsunami, but failed.

That's all the info I can remember. Does anyone have any clues?

Thanks a lot!

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