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  In these days after Sinestro Corps,Blackest Night, and Flash Rebirth, and anything Written by Geoff Johns is gold. No. Platinum. No. Unobtainium. just... easier to get... and without the mass slaughter of a civilization and their culture... Geoff Johns is really good.  As i look through his bio, i realize exactly how much of his work im drawn towards. The man has vision. the man has talent. The man is a legend in the making. And his recent promotion in to DC's Chief Creative Officer only further promote these truths. 
 But just like Bendis before him, and Stan Lee before him, i feel like sometimes people only love Jones' work because its his name on it.
 Case in point being the current Flash comic just starting up, with Brightest Day tie-ins. The comic was good, no doubt, and im eager for more... but i dont find it overly incredible. And while i respect other peoples preferences, i also feel like its being praised for things that where completely
overlooked or disliked in other Flash stories with Wally and Bart at the helm.

  But the real concern i have lies in Flashpoint, the upcoming story previewed in The Flash #1. I feel like we just did this, discovering that Barry was what he is to the speedforce in Flash:Rebirth. Do we really need another story about Discovering the speedforce secrets? And what are we looking at exactly? If its anything like Trinity (and it looks like it might have that feel) i dont really want it.
  Of course, all i know about Flashpoint is what was in that preview. Still, i just dont know if its going to be anything really special... other than the name Geoff Johns on its cover.
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@Grim:  As soon as I saw the flashpoint preview I thought of the three issue series from 2000 that dealt with what the speedforce was and where it is.
I know its a one in a million long shot but could the "S" be something to do with Superman Secundus.
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I can't wait for flashpoint!!! :D ,the preview peaked my interest, especially with the batman part of the preveiw...

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Geoff johns has argubaly the best run on GL since the days of Gardner fox can't wait to see how he handles brighest day story

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