Green Lantern and Flash Deserve Renumbering too!

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As we all know, Marvel has been renumbering their top characters' series like Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man. Actually Spider-Man has always had a high number. 
This year, Superman and Batman will reach #700. Next year, Action Comics will reach #900. Also this year, Wonder Woman will be renumbered after #44 into #600. This is pretty cool but why does it have to stop there? I did some math and there are other characters that should get their renumbering recognition too. 
It turns out that if you count it up, The Flash has exactly the same number of issues as Wonder Woman. (If you count both Wally's and Bart's series.) He should reach #600 too. As of the posting date to this blog, there are exactly 523 issues of Green Lantern and 71 issues of Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern should be renumbered, but GLC isn't exactly in need of a renumbering though. 
Green Arrow is about to get another #1. If added up with GA/BC, that #1 will be the 249th Green Arrow issue. He needs a renumbering too. If Aquaman and Martian Manhunter were to get new series following Brightest Day, they should get renumberings too. Aquaman has 217 issues under his name and Martian Manhunter has 48. Perhaps Martian Manhunter can start from #1 and when added up correctly, renumber to #100 at the right time. Supergirl also has 169 issues to her name too. Someone not as famous, Booster Gold, has 56. 
Don't forget the teams. Justice League of America has 652 issues and Justice Society of America has 182. Teen Titans has 453 issues and Titans has 73. The Outsiders has 197 issues too. 
Some of these series need renumberings. Flash, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow the most of all.

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Well in the case of Flash and Green Lantern they are popular when a certain writer or era of a character so I am sure that letting them have lower numbers tells the fans that they are not as complicated characters as they would think and it invites them in the case of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman they are true archetypes and are very iconic to DC so the renumbering for Wonder Woman is am sure about making it clear to fans that DC thinks she is just as important as Superman and Batman. 

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I agree with you, I think Green Lantern should have renumbering at #500. I guess the reason they didn't do Flash was because too many people have been the Flash. Maybe a new series for Aquaman, or even Catwoman,,,
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With the Supergirl series it's because there have been so many different Supergirl's and each gets its own comic which starts from the beginning. 

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Quoting Johns:
"I want to see Flash #1 not Flash#746 when I just started a new era for a character"

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justice society of america only has 182 issues ,this surprises me because it has been around since the 1940's. i love the fact that wonder woman will be renumbered, a 600# issue would help (WW) status as part of the trinity.also i say give (WW) a second title: batman and superman have had multiple title's for year's. i agree with renumbering the flash, green lantern,jla and maybe the titan's but i hope (D C) does not go overboard.

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@Nighthunter: What would you prefer though?
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@Quntumking said:
"Justice Society of America only has 182 issues, this surprises me because it has been around since the 1940's. I love the fact that Wonder Woman will be renumbered, a #600 issue would help Wonder Woman's status as part of the trinity. Also I say give Wonder Woman a second title. Batman and Superman have had multiple titles for years. I agree with renumbering the Flash, Green Lantern, JLA and maybe the Titans but I hope DC does not go overboard."
Like Marvel? I recently counted Wolverine and it's not even close to 900 but it got renumbered to that anyways.
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Hawkman has 127 issues, and 32 issues for hawkworld (Unless you count hawkgirl, and Atom and Hawkman), whether or not it's the same hawkman.

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As a beginner to DC comics, I find the higher the number of issues, the more intimidating it is to try and get into them. The reason Flash appealed so much to me was because It was only at #2 while Green Lantern was at like #54, and then Batman was around #697. 

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@danielddavis: That would give him 159 and he doesn't even have a current series. 
@Gambit1024: But that is what trades are for. You can find every issue of Green Lantern in the trades. Batman is totally different story though.
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Well yeah, that's why I got into GL a hell of a lot faster than I did for some of the other titles, lol. But Batman is too much. It's a pain in the arse really. With Superman I lucked out because I caught him as soon as he got a new writer. 
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And yet you mentioned Martian Manhunter and Aquaman and those characters don't have their own current series.
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@Gambit1024: Well I'm pretty sure you can just read Batman: The Black Glove and go from there pretty easily. 
@danielddavis: I mentioned them but not as who needs renumbering. The ones that I though should were ones with current series and low numbers.
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@Nighthunter said:
"Quoting Johns:  "I want to see Flash #1 not Flash#746 when I just started a new era for a character""

I agree with this but I want it to really be a new era. 
Like when Flash changed from Barry to Wally, that was worth a new #1.  When Barry became the lead again, that was worth a #1 both because its been decades since the last Barry Allen book and because Barry Allen's original series had a true ending at issue 350. 
But to reboot She-Hulk's series every six months?  Or any series just to get a new #1?  That kinda stuff annoys the crap out of me.
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@Zoom said:
"But to reboot She-Hulk's series every six months?  Or any series just to get a new #1?  That kinda stuff annoys the crap out of me."
Like how they rebooted the Avengers titles and X-Men this year? It is pretty stupid. 
I still stand by Green Lantern getting renumbered though.
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Exactly like Avengers and X-Men.  Zero reason to reboot those, they just want a number one to sell more issues.

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As long as they stop flip-flopping back and forth I don't care what numbering they use. I'm tired of issues 1-4 then a jump to 350 just because it's a cool number!

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I could not agree more

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