Francis Manapul On The Flash? Yes Please!

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Francis Manapul is an amazing artist.  When I heard he was leaving Adventure Comics I was a little saddened.  But the good news is he will be teaming up with Geoff Johns once again on a new Flash ongoing series.  Manapul will be on Adventure Comics through issue #6 (out in January).  Then Flash #1 will debuted with the first story called, "The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues."
The images that DC has shared with us were done before Adventure Comics.  Manapul will once again do his own inks and watercolors on the series.  I can't wait.  Question is, which Flash will it be?

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Looks like wally i think love the skecthes

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Isn't Wally supposed to get a new costume in Flash: Rebirth? 
Either way, really nice sketches. I wonder what his Rogues will look like?

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Oooooooh pretty pretty eye-candy!!

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the lightning around his midsection makes it look like it's wally.  and as for wally getting a new costume, i remember them saying that he WOULD get one, but i don't recall them saying that it would be within "Flash: Rebirth."  perhaps these sketches are of wally BEFORE he gets his new costume.
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Yes, these were done a before Adventure Comics even started.  He just did some random sketches.  I wish I could do that and have it come out so nicely.

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Those look gorgeous.

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I'm still not happy about him and Johns leaving Adventure Comics since it means that Superboy is leaving Adventure Comics as well but I'll still be picking this up since Manapul's art is so kicka$$ and who doesn't want to read more Johns stuff
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oh god oh god oh god I love this. I wasn't sure about Manapul as the artist when I first heard he would do the Flash, but his has me 2000% sold on the idea and even more excited than I already was.

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Love the artwork.

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Very schway  
Looks like West to me since Barry and Wally and different lighting bolt belt designs.
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Oh these are the freaking bomb!

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Looks like Wally which makes me wonder where is Barry?

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@LastSon1027 said:
"Looks like Wally which makes me wonder where is Barry? "

Way Johns is writing him (poorly) and the respect he has for the character?  I'm hoping Rebirth ends with Barry merging with the speedforce or else going into the future to live happily ever after again with Iris.
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This looks flabtastic
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Oh wow, these are gorgeous.

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Holy sh**
Why can't every comic artist draw like that?

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real fresh. 

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Oh hell fecking yes!!!! Manapul is one of my favourite artists and The Flash is one of my favourite characters. This is destined for win.

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yes yes yes yes yes

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He certainly seems well talented in facial expressions. Looks like some good things are coming for the Flash series.

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I honestly don't think his art is that good. 
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd be more than happy to have him on a book I wanted to read and he's a cut above your average comic book artist but I prefer Howard Porter. 
Still, I'll take Manapul over Williams, Acuna, Semecks, Kuder or Kollins (who, while normally meh, had a style that really fit Rogues Revenge).  He'll be arguably the best Flash artist since Porter.  Van Sciver is about on par with him imo.
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I hope it's Barry, otherwise what was the point of Rebirth?
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@mickeymayhew said:
"I hope it's Barry, otherwise what was the point of Rebirth? "
What's the point of Rebirth in the first place? 
Well...I guess the point of Rebirth is so we can have Flash stories without the annoying kids.  It probably is Barry though.  I just remembered that Blackest Night takes place after Rebirth which means nothing overly bad can happen to Barry.
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I'm hoping for Wally, atleast an All Flash book

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Wally or Jay please..I dislike Barry Allen.

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AWESOME!!! love this art it's like how i draw...Francis Manapul is my new favorite comic book artist
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This might make Flash worth reading

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The tone and scenery of Adventure is so good after just two issues, I'm really sad to see them go for this.

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The waist says Wally West...
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This dude is sick...

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It's definitely Wally in the pics.  Like it's been said, they have different belt lightning. 
Both of them will be in the series though, and there's supposed to be a new speedster in it too. 
Then Kid Flash is supposed to come out a little bit after that.  
But first up is Blackest Night: Flash!  Which has an AWESOME cover, in case you guys haven't seen it!!!

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Wow I never even heard of this artist before now but really really great art.
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For the ones wondering, this was announced in Long Beach Comic-Con:
 Other than the Outsiders news, the biggest news spilling out of the panel is that the new Johns The Flash title will be a 30-pager, with a Wally West "second feature" by Johns and Scott Kolins, who had a notable run with the character earlier in the decade. Wally West will be sporting a "new look."

That news led to this question: any plans to reprint more Flash material from the Johns/Kolins run? "No plans right now," Wayne answered, but like most things, it's a possibility down the line.

When asked what Wally West would now be called, post-Barry Allen's return — "there's Flash, and Kid Flash, is he going to be medium Flash?" — Johns pointed out that Jay Garrick has still been Flash all along. More Flash facts: the new speedster that Johns referred to in San Diego will be female.
from newsarama

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@WWHJD said:
"But first up is Blackest Night: Flash!  Which has an AWESOME cover, in case you guys haven't seen it!!! "

Thanks for completely ruining the ending to Rebirth, which is only half over. 
I mean, some of us already knew and I'm sure there are plenty of people that don't care but its still bad form.

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