Flash's archnemesis

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Who is Flash's archnemesis?  I mean, Superman has Lex Luthor and Batman has Joker, who's Flash's baddest of the bad amongst his rogues gallery?

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But from the Rogues, Captain Cold.

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Wally West - Zoom
Barry Allen - Professor Zoom 
Bart Allen - Inertia

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@Sexy Merc said:
" Wally West - Zoom Barry Allen - Professor Zoom  Bart Allen - Intertia "
  Pretty much this.
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 Jay Garrick + The Rival  (Dr. Edward Clariss)
Barry Allen = Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne)
Wally West = Zoom (Hunter Zolomon)
Bart Allen = Inertia (Thaddeus Thawne)

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@Sexy Merc said:
" @Son_of_Magnus: Trying to 1up me Rasta? "
Well when I stared righting it no one posted yet than I wanted to see if I could think of any Max Mercury or Quick Family villains so I could be an uber snob. But heir really are none
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 Jay Garrick = The Rival  (Dr. Edward Clariss)
Barry Allen = Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne)
Wally West = Zoom (Hunter Zolomon)
Bart Allen = Inertia (Thaddeus Thawne)    
Jesse Chambers = Lady Flash (Christina Alexandrova)
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I've Always thought of Captain Cold as Barry's Arch-foe... But now It's Thawne.

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what about Savitar for Wally? Or was he kind of on the sidelines. Starting your own speed-cult is kind of an arch-nemesis thing to do.
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Bascally what everyone else said, lol. 
But what makes Captain Cold so dangerous that he could be an archnemisis?

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@Gambit1024: A couple of things make Cold a credible threat:
Motivations /  Reason / Code - Unlike the Reverse Flashes, Cold & company have independent motivations, can be reasoned with, and have a certain code of conduct.  That means that when confronting Cold you can't just go full bore and attack all out every single time... you may be able to convince him to act otherwise or his reasons might even align with yours.  That makes the situation more volatile and risky because their actions and motivations may be targeted at someone else or you might actually end up stopping them from doing something arguably good.  The whole potential for reform is a big part of what made the Rogues distinct from other galleries.  With the Reverse Flashes- who are all certifiable- you can simply go all out every time without ambiguity. 

Negation - Captain Cold's gun saps kinetic energy which really means it's more a "slow gun" than an "ice gun" as generally assumed.  He can stop bullets and, with planning, throw down fields to slow speedsters.  This dynamic means that he can challenge the Flashes but only with planning and preparation (or luck), meaning that any encounter is one where Cold is figuratively one step ahead- with traps and contingencies in motion (otherwise he wouldn't come to play).  Again, this is potentially more interesting than just showing up fighting with the exact same power set.

Organization - Cold is basically a super-powered mob boss which puts many other super-powers at his disposal.  It is Cold that decides whether Mirror Master 'ports you out of Iron Heights not just any of the Rogues.  While this may seem like "cheating" the mob structure is Snart's tool... just like Luthor wouldn't be as much of a threat without his money, power, influence, corporation, or scientific infrastructure.  To discount Cold's organization would be like putting Luthor alone up against Supes in a fist fight.  It's an integral aspect of what makes him a credible threat. 
That doesn't necessarily make Captain Cold the archnemesis but, at least to me, at least more interesting.
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@Mainline:  Ah, I didn't know all that about Cold. Thanks for the info
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captain cold flash's archenimie form the rogues gallery
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Thanks :D
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Professor Zoom for Barry, Zoom for Wally.

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