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Okay I don't normally do fan fictions, but when the bulb lit on my head, I just had to write it.

Smallville :Lara Recap (the ending part)

Kara escapes from her binds. A guard comes in and tries to shoots her with kryptonite bullets. Kara super speeds away and tries to punch the guy when a bloody hand punches through his chest. A powerful gust of winds blows at her and she falls then suddenly all the electrical equipments were suddenly bent and thrown across, kryptonite shards were thrown across the room. A white blur pushed past Kara and she was alone in the room. "Clark?"

Clark walk past panicked guards all of them run past him in fear. "he's escaped, find him!". Suddenly all of them were thrown back and suddenly a green glow lights up behind him. The guy with the glasses was holding a shard of kryptonite at him. "We studied you , your cellular sturcture, your weakness, your cousins, DNA was handy." Clark gets angry and croaks "Where's....Kara!" he tries to get up and raises his hand when a bloody hand passes through the man's chest and he instantly dies and hits the ground. Clark gets up, sweating from the pain and a powerful wind gushes through the hallway's ripping out the steel plates. Red lights suddenly light up and the rooms flood with red light. Clark super speeds away.

Another scientist is frantically going through his desk cabinet and picks up a file titled, 'S-4101956'. Lionel comes in and asks him "Where's Clark?", "Lionel we don't have time for this." "Where is Clark?". "Lionel please we don't have time.." Lionel raises his gun. "Y-You are really going to kill me all for some alien outsider?"

Lionel shoots him, "He is not an outsider, he is family." He then walks out.

Kara and Clark meet up. "Are you alright." Clark asks. "Yeah I'm fine, but did you just kill somebody?" "No, I thought it was you.." Lionel bursts in, "Clark we don't have time there's been a malfunction, this entire facilities about to go out." Kara flies Lionel out, Clark jumps out and ends up hitting the ground. The building explodes and a streak of light passes near Clark. Kara lands besides Clark.

Later, in Clark's loft, they are all talking,

Clark: looks like they were holding someone else there

   besides Kara.

Kara: Well, whoever, it was, he certainly is more

  useful then you.

Clark: Kara, (half amused)

Kara: Just kidding.

They both look at Lionel, hands behind his back and holding the same file. He was looking out of the window;it was snowing and he looked very cryptic. "They were holding a very..powerful prisoner. They were afraid of it. They had him transported there and labeled him Omega Level Meta human. He is very powerful, may be even more powerful than you, Clark" and looks at both Kara and Clark. The room became even quieter.

A zip of yellow light cuts through Metropolis and pass Lois who spills her coffee on her. "Hey!". Through the speedster's eyes we see only the front and the sides are a blur to him. He dodges all the vehicles with ease and goes even faster leaving a track of fire and traces of burnt rubber. He goes out of town, and onto a bridge, a lone vehicle was driving across,the Flash was losing his speed and ran up the car, tripped and hit the ground. The car skidded to a halt. A black woman comes out and, "What do you 'll think you are doing running up my.. What the?" She sees a white man trying to get up a bolt of yellow electricity passes through him. His pants were burnt up to the knee and his sleeves were completely burnt off, the ends of his hair was also burnt. He was panting and sweat dripped off him like rain drops. "Are..Are you alright?" The woman asks. The brown haired man looks at her "Hi, I'm Barry.. Barry Allen." he then smiles as a sweat dropped off his face.

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barry allen wouldn't kill people!

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Omega Mega Man says:

"barry allen wouldn't kill people!"

My mistake but do you have to be so harsh about it? Besides I've seen a few superhero's killing bad guys in Smallville:

              1)Superman killed several Phantom zone escapees, even the JLU Superman                 who fought Doomsday in a volcano was willing to kill him, before the                volcano erupts.              2) Green Arrow shot a guard in the chest and killed him in the episode                  'Justice'.

Alright the Phantom thing can be excused. I just had this idea and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I had to get it out of my system.

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Omega Mega Man says:

"barry allen wouldn't kill people!"

Barry Allan has killed before...

"Barry fell in love with another woman - Fiona Webb - and on their wedding day Zoom returned. In order to save Fiona's life Barry was forced to kill Zoom."


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Methos says:

"Omega Mega Man says:
"barry allen wouldn't kill people!"
Barry Allan has killed before...
"Barry fell in love with another woman - Fiona Webb - and on their wedding day Zoom returned. In order to save Fiona's life Barry was forced to kill Zoom."

ok i know that but he doesn't run around phasing through everyone and making organs fall from his hands but he does snap necks in vengeful anger I apologize he has killed before.

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Actually when you run at super speed and try to punch someone you might hit him with enough velocity to puncture through their bodies. I just didn't make that point clearer.

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