Fastest Flash

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Who is the fastest Flash?

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Wally West


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we had this little conversation before

i say wally

others say bart allen, but how can you be the fastest when your dead lol

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Wally West currently is the far....

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Bart Allen is the fastest man alive!!

oops, never mind :P
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lol funny but cruel

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Wally west

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Wally West.

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I don't se point on saying it now, but

Wally West!!!

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Wally West. It's been established a bunch of times now, that he surpassed Barry Allen...and Bart was only faster, cuz Wally wasn't there, so he had all of the Speed Force.

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Wally couldnt take barry in a race.

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Zoom, the Reverse Flash

Bart would have supposedly been the fastest since he had the whole speed force but I don't think he was faster than Wally in practice.

Barry was generally a little slower, though during CoIE, he went faster than just about anybody.

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Wally West

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Bart Allen is the fastest man to ever live read lightning in a bottle!!!!!!

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Well Bart has a direct conection with the speed force so Bart

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The truth is that which Flash is fastest changes over time, but there’s an easy pattern to follow: unless he’s been deliberately de-powered, whoever headlines the current series is the fastest Flash. After all, why focus on thesecond-fastest man alive?

When Jay Garrick was the one and only Flash around, he was, of course, the fastest man on Earth. When Barry Allen burst onto the scene, Jay was a little older, and had slowed down. So Barry was faster. When Wally West first took over as the Flash, he’d been pushed down to near the speed of sound…but as he kept going, breaking through his psychological blocks and eventually learning about the speed force, he reached that #1 rank. Then during Bart Allen’s brief tenure as the Flash, he absorbed the speed force and became not just the fastest man alive, but the fastest man who had ever lived.

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@methos: @marcosvergara14: @zoom: @tyreg: @the_origin_of_evil:

I always thought that Barry was the fastest because he created the speed force and it came from him but Wally became the faster while Barry was dead and he came sole user another thing is that wally was kinda the first to do different feats with the speed force and people mistaken this with him being faster then Barry and Bart all the time (I do think that Wally's dark flash suit is my favorite flash suit) , what figured out about Bart is that he the ultimate flash he was born connected to the speed force with it being apart of him built into his DNA and this is what caused him to age faster as a child because he was a baby manipulating the speed force and not knowing what he was doing but the older he gets the more he learns to control and manipulate the speed force Bart has always been the chosen one when it comes to the being the flash , it's like neo he didn't make the matrix but he is the ultimate user able to shape it into anything he wants and Wally is like Morpheus or trinity they know it's there and can manipulate the matrix in there own ways but not as much as neo.

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Ok I'm just gonna put it out there.

I reckon Barry Allen is the fastest flash since Barry runs to the point of death and Wally cannot keep up with Bart and Barry in the end of season 2 in young justice therefore I believe Barry is the fastest flash since he ran himself to the point of death and Bart coming In at a close 2nd and don't get me wrong I truly believe Wally is a great character. He is still my favourite kid flash. Quote "There just isn't enough speed force to go around."

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you do realise in young justice wally is supposed to be the slowest on purpose and it doesn't keep in with the comics at all but i do miss that show, also wally west is the fastest flash to have ever lived at some points he could have literally ran at any speed he wanted, but then new 52 forgot about him.

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