Did the Idea for Mysterio come from Abra Kadabra?

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Did this:

Come from this?

Linda Park gagged by Kadabra

This is a connection that I just made, and I'm kind of ashamed that I didn't notice it sooner. I just wanna know; did Stan Lee get the original idea for Mysterio (Spider-Man villain) from Flash's villain, Abra Kadabra? I mean, they are pretty similar in that they both debuted as villains who used technology to simulate magic. The only difference between the two I think is that Abra Kadabra gained actual magical powers at some point. Plus, I think Abra used future tech to stage full on attacks on Flash, while Mysterio used misdirection and special effects to trick Spider-Man. So did Abra inspire Mysterio? What do you think?

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If anything, Mysterio has more connections/similarities to Mirror Master than to Kadabra...

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I think its definitely possible. We can't be certain, but it is possible.

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What about Alakazam?

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@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

What about Alakazam?

I'm a second late!

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I rather doubt it. In origin and motivation, they're very different characters. To some degree, they are both dark takes on magicians, but while Mysterio is all smoke and mirrors, Abra Kadabra could do pretty much anything he wanted, thanks to his future tech.

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This belongs on the Mysterio forum...

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