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Check out the teaser for the new ongoing series!

Just as we announced earlier, after BLACKEST NIGHT there will be BRIGHTEST DAY, which will be the new DCU event and not a concentrated series. BRIGHTEST DAY will span throughout the DCU and affect a variety of DC titles. Being that writer Geoff Johns was responsible for much of BLACKEST NIGHT, it only seems appropriate that the writer should take on the task of BRIGHTEST DAY. According to THE SOURCE, Johns will be writing the BRIGHTEST DAY title as well as a new ongoing FLASH book with the help of artist Francis Manapul. The FLASH series will be released in April, and will be followed by several additional BRIGHTEST DAY titles. THE SOURCE caught up with DC Comics editor Dan Didio who revealed some interesting information regarding the upcoming book.

THE SOURCE: Keeping my detective hat on, since Geoff is writing BRIGHTEST DAY and we announced he’d be writing a new FLASH ongoing coming right around the same time…
DAN DIDIO: Correct. We’ll be launching the new FLASH ongoing series, by Geoff and Francis Manapul in April with a BRIGHTEST DAY banner, and there will be several more titles utilizing it come May and June.

I for one absolutely love the image of Manapul's FLASH, and I am really looking forward to this new series! What about you guys? Are you excited about the upcoming event? Are you going to pick up the upcoming FLASH book? I really think it is great that the DCU is giving Barry his own ongoing, what do you guys think?
UPDATED: From Francis Manapul's blog, check out the awesome watercolor image!
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that's cool
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interesting, very interesting

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Hell yeah, Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul are a great team.  I'm looking forward to this title along with the rest of the BRIGHTEST DAY tie-ins.
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so excited bout this - art looks absolutely amazing ! - cannot wait
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Love the art but still cant seem to care about the flash.
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Love the art!And Geoff johns has been handling Flash well!

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I carnt wait for this!!!!!!!! this is gonna be awesome!!!!!!

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still upset that Johns and Manapul left Adventure Comics but I am excited for their Flash book

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Where's Wally! forget Barry...
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"so excited bout this - art looks absolutely amazing ! - cannot wait "

Me neither.
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Yes, with lightening speed the Flash can rush in and.....ruin a crime scene.

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Yea have to agree with The Hottness more of a Wally fan but I'll pick this just to see if it pulls me in.

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@mattydee007 said:
"Hell yeah, Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul are a great team.  I'm looking forward to this title along with the rest of the BRIGHTEST DAY tie-ins. "
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I've been kinda so-so on Flash Rebirth so far, but if he can make the ongoing more accessible to relatively new readers who don't know every nuance of the character history, I'll give it a shot

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OMG Barry is such a vandal

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I can't wait for this book! I love Geoff Johns' story telling & I really dig Francis Manapul's artwork, so this book will be fantastic.
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#18 Posted by Portrait (4594 posts) - - Show Bio

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I can't wait for brightest day. but this ruins blackest night. 
-1. we know Flash survives now. 
-2. we know the Blue Ring does not decide to stay with Flash (I figured it wouldn't but it was a possible since the rings can choose) 
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@Caligula: The Blue ring and the others from Blackest Night #6 are 24 hour "deputized" rings. Ganthet explains it as he deputizes himself using Hal Jordan's ring.
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@wordchallenge said:
" @Caligula: The Blue ring and the others from Blackest Night #6 are 24 hour "deputized" rings. Ganthet explains it as he deputizes himself using Hal Jordan's ring. "

I know this. but, it's a comic book, they could do whatever they want, and the rings have a mind of their own anyway, what if just decided Hey Ima be a permanent ring. 
but, as i noted in my original post, I didn't think that would happen, but the possibility was there
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I wonder where the Wally stories will go. 
Honestly, I just want the flash-verse to get some direction so I can see if I'll like it or not. This floundering about in the wilderness since Infinite Crisis / Rogue War has been a bit pants.

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this is so cool! i've been following these charaters since before the spark struck on blackest night and i have to say what i have been reading for the past two years is nothing short of amazing and the stories keep getting more intense and more important to character origins!! my head might explode from all this!
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I heart Flash!

#26 Posted by crazed_h3ro (1006 posts) - - Show Bio

The Art is Amazing, (Kinda remines me of my own work, but better) And Geoff is just an amazing writer. Can't wait for Brightest Day

#27 Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy (8658 posts) - - Show Bio

Poor Wally. 
I still think you're cooler than Barry. ;)

#28 Posted by Zoom (14750 posts) - - Show Bio

Johns isn't a good Barry writer.  :(
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Looks awesome. I also prefer Wally to Barry though.  He's a more fun Flash for sure.

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i wish he would have stayed a blue lantern. It will be interesting to see how he ties in to this series. i kinda figured he would be done after blackest night.
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I will be waiting outside my comic book store with a fistful of cash in hand. I've given up. Just take my money, DC. Y'all deserve it.

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