Are all Flash's the same?

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There's about 3 and now maybe 4 Flash's in the new DC 52, I know they're were some differences between them pre-52 but i can't really recall. Can you guys/gals explain to me what unique abilities does Wally, Barry, and Bart have?

Side question: If Wally comes back, do you think he'll be called the Flash or go by another name to start his own identity. I never really seen the Flash as lantern corp time of name.

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Wally maybe will not have powers or maybe will not have a code name or maybe have a different code name.

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No they are not people have their favs, and feats to coincide with. Some will go as far to say who's the fastest, and argue why, or why not ! I'm a Barry Allen guy personally, thats just a matter of preference, not who I think is best!

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As of the pre-Flashpoint continuity, Jay Garrick was the slowest. Just using his metahuman abilities, he could move at the speed of sound. He could tap into the speed force to hit the speed of light, but not much faster. Barry Allen and Wally West both got their powers entirely from the speed force, and had roughly identical powers. Bart Allen also had the speed force powers, but with a few tweaked abilities like a healing factor and a photographic memory.

Post-Flashpoint, Jay seems to be able to go at light speed no problem. Though he harnesses his powers from the Roman Gods now, so Earth 2 might not even have a speed force. Barry and Bart's powers are still what they were as far as I can tell.

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Bart got his speed from a (probably cosmic) radiation in the new52

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