A FLASH Movie Getting the Green Light?

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I suppose it figures that article that an article centered on Sherlock Holmes would contain a clue that’s mentioned almost matter-of-factly, but nevertheless carries great significance to fans. The Hollywood Reporter picked up Warner Bros’ release schedule for the next couple years. What got the most attention, of course, the announcement that a SHERLOCK HOLMES sequel is coming Christmas 2011. However, there were also a lot titles included in that list that should be of great interest to DC fans.

GREEN LANTERN’s coming out June 17, 2011 (in 3D, no less!) We knew that. BATMAN 3 drops on July 20, 2012. Ditto. But now they’re saying that a new SUPERMAN will be flying the holiday season of that year? I suppose the Nolan Brothers are actually going to make it happen.

Then there’s some little bit that THR drops at the very end. A FLASH movie is just about to get a greenlight (perhaps from GL’s power battery?) while WONDER WOMAN, AQUAMAN and MAD MAGAZINE movies are on the docket. A lot of these (except MAD  - - that really came out of left field) have been talked about for a long time, of course, but they’re getting a bigger push, now, because Warner Bros is looking for something fill the space that the conclusion of the HARRY POTTER series is leaving in their yearly roster. So private school wizards are out, while DC superheroes are in?

You know, there’s been a lot of false starts for all these projects… but I think they're going to happen, this time, so let’s put on our fantasy league hats and starts throwing names out. Who would you want to play Diana? Or Barry Allen? Or Arthur Curry? Who would you want to direct them? And just what could a MAD movie be about? Alfred E. Neuman caught in the crossfire between Spy vs. Spy? I’m waving a magic wand and putting you in the executive chair.  Go wild with your power!

And, as an aside, I really think Neveldine/Taylor (the guys behind CRANK and GAMER) would be a cool choice to handle FLASH. They’d have to tone it down for the families, of course, but they’ve got the hyperkinetic style that the speedster needs.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Studios and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on Amazon.com.

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Then in a couple of years: JLA movies!

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@Sexy Merc said:
I hope you know this is amazing. LOL
I laugh every time it replays. Thank you for this. LOL
Back to the article... i already knew all of this (including Sherlock Holms). 
Maybe its because i research movies nonstop, but its old news. All of it.
I think that guy from Entourage is going to play Aquaman. Hes already played Aquaman in the past. LOL
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jon favreau would be a perfect director for flash because he directs superhero movies but adds comedy, and the flash is a jokester

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@elayem98: No he wouldnt. Not at all. Jon Favreau has his own flavor. And his flavor is Ironman. If he directed Flash i would be EXTREMELY upset.
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What? Why Mad Magazine? Has that even been relevant in the past 25 years? Eh, you could say the same about Aquaman, until his new stint in Brightest Day. Flash though, that I'd see.

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@doordoor123 said:
" @elayem98: No he wouldnt. Not at all. Jon Favreau has his own flavor. And his flavor is Ironman. If he directed Flash i would be EXTREMELY upset. "

Completely agree. Luckily, I think Marvel would have an issue with that...so it won't happen.
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I sincerely hope a Flash movie (sorry I want Wally West not Barry Allen) and a Wonder Woman do come to fruition.  Have a hard time thinking about casting for either one although I've discussed it ad nauseum with Viners.   
While she may be too "old" I think Catherine Bell would at least look nice in a Wonder Woman outfit.  Wiping sweat now thinking about it.  I don't know.  I know Babs has mentioned a Wondie movie may be a bit difficult as the character is a bit too iconic, and I can understand that sentiment but I still think it can be done..just....please...for the love of her tiara and bracelets...NO INVISIBLE PLANE!   
This is good news, at least I hope it will be.
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@buns134 said:


If NPH was Barry Allen that would be awesome and evn better if he said suit up before he changes into his suit
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I could see a Mad magazine movie being done in the same fashion as the first Heavy Metal film. A series of animated vignettes held together by an overarching plot thread. As far as cast decisions go... Matthew McConaughey for Aquaman, Neil McDonough for the Flash, & Jennifer Connelly for Wonder Woman.

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I don't know if Neil McDonough would get the role since he's 44 and they usually aim for younger actors to anchor the series around, but you nailed it. He's a pretty good match for Barry Allen.

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  I bet we'll see a cameo from Barry in GL 1

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@The Cyan Lantern:  that would be awesome, but i doubt it since the majority of the film will be in space
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Wonder Woman? Yes 
Aquaman? it could work 
MAD magazine? NO!

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@lostlantern13 said:
" @chalkshark:  
I don't know if Neil McDonough would get the role since he's 44 and they usually aim for younger actors to anchor the series around, but you nailed it. He's a pretty good match for Barry Allen.

Hell yeah! I hate to admit it but he was the only reason I got into watching Desperate Housewives with my girlfrind.
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holy crap, you mean someone at Warner Brothers is actually noticing their Non-Batman/Superman properties???? o.o
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Really Aquaman?! SWEET!

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I think Alan Ritchson does a good job with Aquaman on Smallville, It would be strange for me to see anyone else play a live-action version of Arthur. Not that I'm not willing to see someone else... but I just can't think of anyone off the top of my head who would do a good rendition. So maybe an unknown, some blond haired, blue eyed hunk I reckon.

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I think all those movies WB announced are fantastic. Regardless ho the actors are (well, at least they have to resemble the heroes... and WW) I do really want to se Barry Allen as the Flash, and not Wally West. Why? Well, Wally is OK but I think it is Barry who has to be on the spotlight for once. Wally has been given the opportunity to be the Flash in almost every DC related media in the recent years. OK, you want some fun along the way, let it be Barry, write him a little on the comedy-man part, but he has to maintain his personality.

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hopefully Brandon Routh as Superman again, he just looks the part.  
maybe Sara Michelle Gellar as Wonderwoman? or maybe Sophia Bush?  
for Aquaman, i'm thinkin, Chris Pine, or maybe George Eads from CSI 
for Flash, um...George Eads?! or um.. Ioan Gruffudd-he might have to put on some muscle though. 

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Neal Patrick Harris should play Barry Allen! I thought he did a great job with the character in Justice League: New Frontier, and I know he's got the chops to play a more serious, role like Allen. And since, IF its Barry Allen, it should be a more serious, crime drama, so I think the Cohen Brothers, Micheal Mann, or even Christopher Nolan should direct! 
I'd be alright with Wedon coming back on board the Wonder Woman project, but I don't see that happening if he's doing The Avengers... I wish Clash of the Titans had been better (or rather had DONE better), cause then I would say Louis Leterrier could direct, but if WB can afford her, they should get Kathryn Bigelow! WW would be hard to cast, sause she's got a physique that's very atypical in Hollywood Land..... Demi Moore looks as good now, if not better, than she did in the 80's, so she could play Diana, and if not Hippolyta! there's a couple others, like Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone, Yvonne Strahovski.... Jordana Brewster (to name a few! LOL), who COULD work, but none of them are great.... if only Lucy Lawless was about 10 or 15 years younger! haha
I Think Ridley Scott should direct Aquaman, just as long as Russel Crowe is NOT involved with it... but seeing as how Scott seems to worked with Crowe more that Burton works with Depp..... Russel Crowe COULD work... MAYBE, but I know I wouldn't be able to take it seriously...    

 Russel Crowe! Fightin' 'round the World!
As far as who should/could ACTUALLY play Arthur Curry: Neal McDonough, Barry Pepper, Ryan McPatlin (if you can't tell yet, I really into the show Chuck! LOL), Josh Holloway.... Stephen Lang would be great if they went with the older, "bead and harpoon hand" Aquaman! 
Honestly, if they restart Superman, I think they should scrap EVERYTHING from Superman Returns (Which they undoubtedly will!) but bring back Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey as Kal-El and Luthor! Yeah, the story was awful, there was NO ACTION, and as a whole it just didn't work; but I thought Routh did a good job with what he had, or was given! ....I for one, think he makes a better Superman, than say... Tom Welling would! But give us some ACTION!! Bring in Metallo, bring in Doomsday, or Darkseid, put Luthor in his powersuit! Bizzaro, Brainiac, Zod... Whatever! If Superman just punches SOMEBODY, I'll be happy! LOL
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@Theodore said:
" @lostlantern13 said:
" @chalkshark:  
I don't know if Neil McDonough would get the role since he's 44 and they usually aim for younger actors to anchor the series around, but you nailed it. He's a pretty good match for Barry Allen.

Hell yeah! I hate to admit it but he was the only reason I got into watching Desperate Housewives with my girlfrind. "

I have to say...the more I think about it, the more I like McDonough as Barry, age or not. Good actor, good physical match....I think we should start this bandwagon!
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@buns134 said:


It'd make perfect sense since he voiced Flash in JL: The New Frontier. I agree, NPH should be The Flash.
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I could care less about an Aquaman movie.  Flash seems to have the possiblity of being very good if the right actor and director is selected.  Perhaps the director could be Christopher Nolan, not sure on the actor.
Ah, the hope of the movie that is Wonder Woman.  I'm still holding out hope for a competent and physically fit actress to play the part.  Had this actually been done a few years ago, I'd have selected Jennifer Connelly or Lucy Lawless hands down, will have to look around now and see who could play her.

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@dondasch said:
" I could care less about an Aquaman movie. "
if done right Aquaman could be an amazing film.
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flash has always been my fav character in DC, im glad he is finally getting a movie (i dont count the last one, twas awful)

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@Nobody said:
" Really Aquaman?! SWEET! "
I don't know you anymore
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@RedK said:
" @dondasch said:
" I could care less about an Aquaman movie. "
if done right Aquaman could be an amazing film. "
             And shut up all those people who say "all Aquaman does is talk to fish".
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Wonder Woman - Megan Gale
Aquaman - Gerald Butler with dyed hair of course
Flash -  Jensen Ackles maby

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Flash - Chris Pine
Aquaman - Jensen Ackles
Wonder Woman - Gemma Arteton

With Christian Bale and Tom Welling as Batman and Superman respectively.
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@dondasch: 100% agree. The success Wonder Woman movie almost ENTIRELY rides on the actress selected. That, and how they present her costume. If they can jump those hurdles, everything else should really fall into place for respectable live-action Wonder Woman. 
Of course, a good script and quality director are implied there too.
Also NPH is ideal for Flash. He portrayed the character really well as the voice and he already pretty much LOOKS the part, so it would just seem the logical choice. That and he's turning up in more and more stuff lately, so he'd be a popular pick too.
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At last. With Flash, Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern getting s big screen film, there's bound to be a JLA film sooner or later.

I've said this before and I'll say it again...Bradley Cooper for Barry Allen. I think the Flash movies should be about Barry Allen, because he is the most well-known Flash.


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@lostlantern13:  he doesn't fit.  Look is not always key
#39 Posted by lostlantern13 (1033 posts) - - Show Bio
I recognize that, but he's got more than looks. He's a pretty good actor. I also said, I don't see him getting the role...
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@doordoor123: why?
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I don't know... but something about a guy in a flashy red suit with lightning ears running around modern cities in today's day and age.


There's only so much you can do with "super-speed", you can just see it every week just watching episodes of Smallville.  
Looking at the bigger picture: if DC's tying this to a future Justice League film, they may have the Flash be as fast as his comic book persona (breaking light speed and laws of time) as to not seem weaker when he gets paired up with Superman.  That may in itself may impose problems to the degree of challenges Flash would face in his film and future installments because he'd just be too fast.
On a sidenote:   
I think DC should try and focus on getting Aquaman going on the big screen first and see how it goes.

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I hope they make the Aquaman movie. No Green Arrow movie?

#43 Posted by WW-Fan (2873 posts) - - Show Bio

nooo Wonder WOMan Deserves a Movie first for christ shakes!!
#44 Posted by brendon277 (517 posts) - - Show Bio

I know this has nothing to do with flash but i wanna see an Elektra 2 or a re-do of the first Elektra but it is more ass kicking and r-rated

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@Sexy Merc said:


LMAO! It's a geekgasm!
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This'll be interesting... 
Are they still developing the Super Max (Green Arrow) project I heard about some time ago???

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@elayem98:  why what?
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I'm not sure 100%, but I think in a way, DC/Warner is waiting to see what Marvel Studios will do with The Avengers. Or yet, how it will perform/be received Not that they won't go ahead and do a Flash, WW, or Aquaman movie, but I believe that they'll let their competitors "test the waters", if you will, before they go ahead and do a Justice League film.  

I can't wait to see what Batman 3 will be like. Nor can I wait to see GL as well. Also curious to see how the Nolans will reintroduce Supes. But of all the DC superheroes, I'm most anxious to see them bring Wonder Woman to life. 
I equate her with Marvel's Thor. It's got all that mythological, epic, and mystical angle to it. And I love me those types of movies. Not to mention Goldilock and the Amazon are two of my favorite heroes, so my anticipation rises in these cases.

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I wish they would skip Barry and go straight to Wally =/ but beggers can't be choosers

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@lostlantern13 said:
I don't know if Neil McDonough would get the role since he's 44 and they usually aim for younger actors to anchor the series around, but you nailed it. He's a pretty good match for Barry Allen.


I love Neil I think he's a great actor but I always saw him as Adam Strange , but I wouldn't be upset if he was Barry. Though I still think John Wesley Shipp should still play Barry Allen again since John was the first Flash actor and is in still great shape for his age.

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