Why do the cartoons screw up the Robins so much?

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I've concluded that the people who are in charge of the animated series just hate Tim Drake but they love his look. They always take his costume and the way he looks but when push comes to shove it's always Dick. I realize that Dick is the first Robin and therefore the most recognizable but when I learned that it's Dick Grayson in the new Young Justice cartoon I just got sick. Then in the new movie "Under the Red Hood", Jason is wearing Tim's Robin costume...why!? Tim was only briefly in the old Batman series, you never really saw him that much. Personally Tim is my favorite Robin... I dunno I just wish that they would utilize him more instead of pretending he doesn't exist. Dick was in the Teen Titans cartoon but is it just me or was he jut FAR too scrawny? Even in the comics he wasn't THAT serious, was he? He was more of a ladies man from what I understand.
I know this is a bit of a scrambled rant but I just really do NOT understand the choices they make for Robins in the cartoons. Mainly right now why the hell they decided to make the Young Justice Robin be Dick and not Tim... and he's the youngest member of all things when in the comics he is older then ALL of them!!
Why do you guys think that the networks choose to do this to Robin?

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To each's own?

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Most of the times cartoons start from the beginning so they put the first Robin.
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@ComicMan24 said:
" Most of the times cartoons start from the beginning so they put the first Robin. "
That's just a silly thing to me though I'm still pouty about it.
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@ComicMan24:  What does that have to do with it? Dick was never even with Young Justice.
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@cascadeking09 said:
" @ComicMan24:  What does that have to do with it? Dick was never even with Young Justice. "
Exactly my point. Dick was Nightwing at this point :<
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@cascadeking09 said:
" @ComicMan24:  What does that have to do with it? Dick was never even with Young Justice. "

I said most of the times. I agree, Tim Drake and Bart Allen should be in this.
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I would have loved it to have Bart and Tim in the Kid Flash and Robin positions, it would have opened the door for a future appearance of the Titans with Nightwing, Red Arrow, Donna Troy, Tempest and Flash

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@Crazy Pan:

I agree that they should use Tim Drake here. I mean he was one of the founders.
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Yeah what they did to Arrowette is just atrocious. I don't know why Artemis of all people gets Cissie's spot. But it happens more to Robin then any other character in animation.

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I would like to see Jason too...

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Artemis is a separate character, the studio said that there are plans to eventually bring both Arrowette and Wonder Girl

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@Nighthunter said:
" Artemis is a separate character, the studio said that there are plans to eventually bring both Arrowette and Wonder Girl "
But they gave her (Artemis) Cissie's costume only a different color with an arrow on it! RAA!!
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@Nighthunter said:
"Artemis is a separate character, the studio said that there are plans to eventually bring both Arrowette and Wonder Girl "

So they are different characters? I thought they were the same.
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Considering that they designed Artemis to look identical to Cissie it wouldn't surprise me if they were trying to mush them together like they did Linda Danvers and Kara in the Superman, Batman, and Justice League cartoons.

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I really hate some little decisions they made in that Young Justice show... It may turn out fun, heck, it may be pretty good.
But why Dick/Robin! With that costume!? (I would have actually prefered a young Nightwing instead!)
And Wally/Flash! (no love for Bart, anywhere.. just look at his time as The Flash!)
But Artemis, that's just cheap... I hope they really include Wonder Girl and Arrowette at some point and do them justice! (will 
Arrowette  use the exact same costume, only in a different color?!)
Anyway, you're right. Tim Drake got no love in the animated projects... But they should use him in a movie, show or even game! (thuse allowing Nightwing to be present as well, and why not even Jason Todd/Red Hood or Red Robin--)

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@Crazy Pan: So a Artemis is Arowette?
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@JCJQLB: Well that's what I think they did. I think they smushed together Arrowette, Mia, and Artemis into one big fat failure.
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Though I think to have read somewhere the actual Arrowette might show up in a future episode at some point...

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@Eyz: That's what people keep telling me. But my thing is that Artemis wasn't even part of the original series. So if Cissie is going to show up anyway why didn't they just have her be there from the get go? And if they say she's going to get trained by Artemis or some crap then I'm REALLY going to get mad because Cissie became a gold medal archer just from training with her mama not with some wanna-be BS amazon...
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Yeah, I know!
I would really have prefered the real Arrowette or Wonder Girl in this new cartoon...instead we get a young "Artemis"... acting as the filler for and a strange mix up of both Arrowette & Wondergirl.... -sigh-
I really like Arrowette, she was such a fun and original character!

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How can it be Dick in the Young Justice cartoon when they have already introduced that there is a Nightwing so you just got some false info

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@Son_of_Magnus said:
" How can it be Dick in the Young Justice cartoon when they have already introduced that there is a Nightwing so you just got some false info "
they said in the SDCC panel that Dick was going to be Robin in the Young Justice cartoon....this cartoon isn't based on JLU or any other previous series
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I think the reason they want Robin to be Dick is because his character needs to be the first side kick. In fact, all the guys in Young Justice need to be the first side kicks. This creates more drama if they are the first generation of young heroes. If there was an older generation of "Titans" then the story wouldn't have the same potential. Otherwise you could have characters saying "The teen titans never acted this way" or "when i was that age I never..."  
For this show to work, the characters have to feel a generation gap between them and the Justice League. And that gap needs to be as extreme as possible so the characters have to believe that nobody else understands what they are going through. You couldnt have Tim turning to Dick and asking for advice.  
And I must admit I dont know much about Arrowette, Wondergirl and Artemis except this - > ARROWETTE? WONDERGIRL?  Are these the worst names ever?  
I have to say that I dont see two archers on the team for long. Good luck Speedy I dont hold out much hope for you. But I look forward to you coming back as a badass Red arrow!

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@elevatorparty: While I respect your opinion I disagree. I don't think that you should change an entire comic's history just for TV's sake. It bugs me too much personally. Arrowette, however, good gosh is it a terrible name. But I love Cissie's character so much. I just hope that if she does appear they do her PLENTY of justice.
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@Crazy Pan: Thats a fair response to make and I'm sure many fans of the original series will agree with you. I was never a huge fan of young justice but I am an x-man fan and when the tv guys released Wolverine and the X-men they put Wolverine in charge and had cyclops as a the loner. A complete change from the comic. I didnt like the idea at all. But I have to admit that the people in charge of the TV show made the right choice, it gave the show a clear direction and an easy starting point for people to get into the story without understanding too much of the comics history. I think (and its just an opinion) that the makers of this show are just trying to make a show that will bring in new fans while retaining the old fans of the comics. And everyone has to admit that that is a tough thing to do. Plenty of TV shows have tried to attract newbies and let down diehard fans.  
Bringing this back to the Robin debate, it was never a problem in Teen titans because you never saw Robin out of uniform so it could've been any of them, in this show there seems to be plans to show them out of uniform. So I just wonder what are the fundamental differences between Dick and Tim. I know Dick is an acrobat and Tim is a detective who wasnt an orphan (at first at least) - but to you : what makes Tim more interesting? 
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@elevatorparty: In the Teen Titans show it was pretty much implied by the relationship he had with Starfire. Although I did hate how serious they made him. I always saw Dick as someone who would set aside time to 'screw around' personally lol. But why do I like Tim better? He was actually my first Robin I knew. It was HIM that made me realize "...there is more then one Robin?!" He was the Robin around all my other favorite characters as well (Ravager, Arrowette, Stargirl, etc). Plus, as much as I respect Dick Grayson and his skills, something about him has just always bugged me. Maybe it's the amount of girl he dates then dumps. As far as I know Tim is pretty controlled in his dating life. I mean it takes a LOT of will power to push a naked Ravager off you and refuse her advances lol. And PLEASE people don't go and rant to me about how my reason sucks... it's just how I work. Sorry! Everyone has different reasons for liking different characters...
But even in the case of the X-Men. It's like I can understand why they did it because Wolverine is a fan favorite, but it TOTALLY bugs me that they DID do it. I honestly didn't much care for that show either lol. But to me I feel like Robin gets the most slaps in Hollywood. I think that Hollywood is still recovering from the goofy 1960s Batman and so whenever people who aren't familiar with ALL the Robins hear the word "Robin" (in regards to Batman), they automatically think of some gay kid running around in his green undies which is SOOO not how Robin is!! So Hollywood just tries to lump Robin all in one big pile trying to beef him up a bit. I think that if people were actually educated about the different Robins then they might come to appreciate him more.
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@Crazy Pan: i actually think that is a pretty good reason to like Robin. I tend to write long responses but I dont mean to rant. haha. I just love debating these kind of things. 
As for me I always saw Tim as my own favourite because while he didnt have the natural talent that Dick had, he really wanted to be Robin and he trained himself right? (am i right?) I like that. I also liked that he came after a Robin that had been killed because that affected Batman's relationship to him.  So I think you have convinced me that Tim gets a hard deal.  
 Do you think the new cartoon is going to be any good?
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@elevatorparty: I think that the cartoon itself will probably be good and engaging in the same way that Teen Titans was for people who didn't actually read the comics. I got into Teen Titans back in the day and that was my first introduction to the characters themselves. After the series was finished I decided to check out their comic book origins. Upon reading the comics, I saw how much the show just stabbed the characters in their personalities and origins and such and began to extremely dislike the show. Where as I used to be able to watch the show all the time, I can't even stand to sit through one episode now. So since I have read and followed Young Justice until its end, I don't know if I can sit through the show and be satisfied. Just like I couldn't be able to sit through the M. Night Avatar movie or Wolverine Origins. Or Smallville *gag*.
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Tim is the greatest Robin, Screw the others...
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I like Dick more than Tim, but even I think it was a little silly having Dick don Tim's gear in a Young Justice series.

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ok well believe it or not they dont all hate Tim
think about The New Batman Adventures. it was the show that brought Tim to tv, and they did him justice. You complain about them using his costume but not him, hell TNBA used him but not his costume! The mainstream costume that time wears now, and the one we see all the time, was actually created by Bruce Timm for the series.
so just because they use his costume, doesnt mean anything
They usually go with Dick because he was the first, and he was the best.
As for Under the Red Hood and this new Young Justice, i dont know why they're using a similar costume for a different Robin, but when Jessie McCarntney is the voice of Dick, the look of his costume really shouldnt be your concern

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@WolfMonkey:  Just so you know, "New Batman Adventures" most defnitely did not do Tim any justice.  They completely tried to shatter his character.  That wasn't Tim in that cartoon that was Jason with Tim's name.  Any Tim Drake fan worth his snuff knows that that Tim's personality is nothing like the actual Tim. 
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Does it matter? It takes place on Earth 16, they can bend the characters a little. As long as it's enjoyable, and it gets younger kids into the comics I think it accomplishes what it sets out to do.
And I'm pretty sure they use Tim's costume for practicality reasons, next to all of the Dick would look kind of silly in his pixie boots don't you think?

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