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Over the years, as we all know, the role of Robin has changed over and over again with each former Robin becoming his or her own persona. Currently, we have Damian Wayne, son of the Bat, as Robin, who is, as of right now, destined to become the Batman after Bruce retires (which we all know isn't going to happen in reality, but within the realm of comics, thats set in stone.). However, I highly doubt this will be case as the years fly by. I personally think that there's going to be ANOTHER Robin after Damian, who will also create his own bat family persona.

I was thinking maybe there will finally be a Batboy or Batkid. Cheesy, but its Damian, so I can expect it.

What do you guys think? I know there probably wont be another Robin for another 10 or so years but it's still cool to think about it. What do you guys think?

Will there be another Robin?

Is Damien the last Robin?

If not, what will his new batname be?

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there will always be a robin, as to who it will be i dunno. i could see damien becoming like a daken to Batman.

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There is another.........

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There will always be Bruce Wayne as Batman. You say 10 years there will be another Robin, and Bruce will die and Damien takes up the name. Bruce will come back.

Damien is destined to become Batman, yes, but they will never cut out Bruce, not with continuity changing so much.

And there will always be new Robin's as time goes on, despite... well... continuity change.

Now if Marvel did acquire DC in the 80s, Dick would be Batman. That's because Marvel's timeline hasn't changed dramatically in about.. oh... 70 years...

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@Archlord: so do you think that Damian is going to have another persona before he "becomes batman?"

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@ArturoCalaKayVee said:

@Archlord: so do you think that Damian is going to have another persona before he "becomes batman?"

I'm sure Damien will have to undergo loss, like those that came before him. He will have to get attached to Bruce, then Bruce will have to die, giving Damien reason to want to become Batman. Right now, he's so arrogent, but his persona will change once Bruce is gone.

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Though this will never happen, I want Damien to die (DIEEEEEEE in PAIINNNNNNN) and have Tim be like "Oh god Batman needs a Robin, well screw Red Robin I am going to be Robin again. And then we will never see Damiens stupid little face again!!! Don't get me wrong I really do like Red Robin but Tim was such a good Robin, his Red Robin persona is supposed to represent that he is growing up and not "under the wing of the Batman" any more and is capable of doing his own thing.

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I think we will see a new Robin in future years. My guess Damian will either move on to another persona or die. But I do not think that will happen any time soon. As you said maybe in 10 years or something.

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Damian is going to be Robin for a while and when/if he stops I think maybe Tim will go back to it, even if only for a while.

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@Daveyo520: I don't think Drake will return to robin. That would defeat the purpose of him wanting to branch out after his little hissy fit with Dick.

@haydenclaireheroes: Thats my guess too. I don't think he'll die, I don't think DC would want to fuck up Bruce any more than they have after Jason's death and return. Perhaps Damian will revolt against him (it seems possible if you've been reading B&R) and create an evil persona

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Maybe Matt McGinnis from Batman Beyond will be Robin to Terry's Batman.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: If he does that can be a really interesting story to read

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No more Robins, please. I'm fine with just Damien.

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I don't want a new Robin, I want Damian to fill the role for a long while.

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I may actually post in another place on this, but I think that they need to add a Batboy character, and I already have an idea for it. Just imagine another teen character in the Bat Family that isn't Robin. It could bring in a lot more interesting stories and background into Gotham. Think, all members of the Gotham crime fighters are great friends with Bats, what if there was one who wasn't that connected with him?

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I think we've had enough Robin's; with Dick, Jason, Tim, and now Damian, I think they should just keep it at that. Seeing as Bruce isn't going to ever truly age, why should Damian? I wouldn't mind seeing him grow into his teenage years, maybe see him in high school, but I don't see the point in having an adult Damian in the current comics.

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@Superguy0009e: there are so many bat-girls, I think there needs to be a bat-guy, other than batman, because so far every male in the bat family has been some form of bird. (excluding characters like batwing etc.)

@War Killer: thats the greatest possibility of what's going to happen, i think, but theres no way that Damian is going to Robin forever, there's going to some writer who wants to beef up the batman story and turn Damian away from Robin. We had Drake as Robin for like 15 years, Dick for like 40 or 50, and Jason for about a week (that one is obviously a joke), yet I can see them forcing Damian to evolve a lot quicker since hes been around for like 6 years. Just my guess.

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