Robin on Young Justice

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'You're overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed; Why isn't anyone ever just whelmed?'     'Oo! Oo! He hit on teacher and got served?'    'If "dislike" is the opposite of "like," is "disaster" the opposite of "aster"? See, instead of things going wrong, they go right. (Superboy scowls)  Clearly you're not feeling the aster.' I absolutely love Robins banter on Young Justice. 

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i completely agree, they're doing a great job of showing the Dick Grayson wit.

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kool show sad robin got  downgraded to sidekick instead of team leader   they need wonder girl  to make this show the best 

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Yea I know, I think they just want to show off Aqualad a bit more as he's kind new helpfully Robin will be made leader eventually. 

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I honestly like the lineup as is.  
Robin as sooo funny in this show, everytime he's on screen i wanna hug him, lol.

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