damian and abuse friendship

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Since the streets of gotham issuse where diamian looked for mr zsasz and found a kid who figured out he was Robin just by his moves and their interaction throughout the issuse was fun to read and i liked how damian made a friend and i'd like to see more of them together.  
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I'm seeing the beginning of Damian's future Outsiders here.

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@The Mighty Monarch:
lol that would be awesome i wonder who else would be on it.
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I hope that they meet each other again.

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That would be cool. I think Dick would be proud that Damian made a friend.

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I'm not sure about friendship. More like Robin's desire to have a sidekick that has nothing to do with Batfamily.

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Yeah, I definitely want to see Colin and Damian hang out some more. Damian needs a friend his own age.

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