Could an experienced teen hero like static, make a good robin.

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  You may have read his milestone series in the 90s or watched his show static shock. But static(real name Virgil Hawkins) is a smart, good kid, from inner city detroit that, gets powers over electricity and fights crime. Honestly this charachter is not very well known outside of teen titans and his old cartoon. But I think he would make a perfect fit as a robin candidate. Instead of Bruce picking inexperienced youngmen, off the street it would be interesting if he went to someone who has proven that they can hold there own. Virgil similar to spiderman is a teenager who never had an older hero to guide, and he never went through a sidekick period. And he dealt with serious threats like mutated criminals, drug dealers, mobsters, etc on his own and he turned out fine. He has already proven he can handle the stress of being a hero and batman would not have to worry about him going rogue like, jason todd.
It would also be interesting to see batman with a sidekick with abilities(his electricity) that he has already mastered and would have something to actually offer besides moral support. Not to mention batman teach static criminal investigation, martial arts, and generally helping make his life easier would work in virgil's favor. They both hod strong moral values, both extremly intelligent, and both have lost a parent to crime at a young age.  The only downside is static might have to cut his hair. 
Anyway this is just a fans pipe-dream  

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No because Virgil has super powers. None of the Robins were picked at random either. Dick was an all-star acrobat, Jason was on the road to being a criminal and had allot of rage Bruce thought could be turned to good energy and skill, Tim is  super genius who discovered Batman's identity and forced himself into the Robin Costume, and Damian was trained from birth to be the world's greatest assassin

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It was a bad choice to say at random, I should have said unproven as an actual crime fighter. They all were youngmen with potential, and for the most part proved that they could be great heroes(or an awesome badass in todd's case). Virgil having powers only makes him more an asset, not to mention it would be an interesting dynamic seeing a hero take in a sidekick on the verge of entering his prime.

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