Carry Kelly

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So, You've all heard, or I hope so. Batman is getting his new partner. Carry Kelly, But apparently she will be taking the roll of Red Robin, or at least that is what I think when the title changes to: Batman and Red Robin. Tell me, what do you know and what are your predictions?

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@dickgrayson: I didn't think it had been confirmed that she was to be the new partner.

And if she's going to be the new Red Robin, what happens to Tim Drake?

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I hate the name red robin whoever has it but at least it wouldn't be on tim.

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I think it's far from confirmed that Carrie Kelly will be the new Robin.

And the reason it was called Red Robin was because Tim was in the book. Just like it will be Batman and Red Hood, Batman and Batgirl, and Batman and Catwoman in the next three issues.

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It's not confirmed at all.

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